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9 Benefits of Using a Local Hosting Company

If you want to enjoy your hosting and still save money then buying from a local web hosting company is your sure bet.

There are web hosting companies in Nigeria that buy reseller hosting from international countries and resell them to Nigerians; those are not the ones we are referring to when we say local web hosting companies.

Local web hosting companies are the ones that have servers in the location where the users are, in this case, Nigeria.

That is to say, a local web hosting company in Nigeria is a company that has servers in Nigeria and provides hosting services to its customers.

This post will tell you about some benefits of using a local web hosting company to help your decision-making process or just to add to your knowledge as the case may be.

Benefits of using a local web hosting company

1. Speed

Having a server in your location makes it easier for your data to be transferred to you or your customers when there’s a need to access your website.

That’s because the distance is not long. For instance, if you have a server in America and another in Nigeria, while most of your users are in Nigeria.

Which server will take a shorter time to serve your Nigeria-based customers? The Nigeria server right? You are correct.

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That’s it. Having a server in your location makes your website fast.

Remember, research has it that it takes only 3 seconds for users to change their minds about visiting a website, if it takes longer than that, they will visit other websites.

In the event that that happens to your website, you will lose potential leads, customers and visitors.

2. Pricing

The pricing of local web hosting companies tends to be a lot cheaper compared to foreign hosting companies.

Not just in terms of pricing alone, but in terms of service offerings and features. You will pay a high price for a foreign hosting plan that will give you far fewer features.

See the pricing of Truehost Nigeria, a local web hosting company in Nigeria, compared to the pricing of Bluehost and Hostgator ( international web hosting companies).

Truehost Nigeria local web hosting plan

From the images above, you will notice that the least hosting plan for GoDaddy costs $3.99 per month while that of Hostgator costs $2.75 per month when compared with Truehost which costs N500 ( less than 1 dollar ) per month.

If you decide to go further to check about the features, you will see that Truehost even offers more features than their least plans that cost more.

3. Time zone difference

This may look insignificant, but when you are faced with a challenge with your website and can’t reach the web hosting companies because of a time difference, you will realise it’s important.

You can be better served when there’s no time difference between you and your service providers since you don’t have to wait for hours to be responded to whenever there’s a need.

4. Better services

Most of these international web hosting companies have a large customer base, so they can afford to lose customers, but small businesses treat all their customers highly because they want to retain them.

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Most local web hosting companies take their customer satisfaction more seriously than the big ones. 

It is not like the international companies don’t care, but their large customer base is their undoing.

So, if you want to host where you will be seen as a priority, go to a growing local web hosting company.

5. Data Privacy

The need for your information to be secured can’t be over-emphasized. When you host your website on a foreign hosting company, you will have to comply with the laws of the country.

But when you host it in your location you will be more familiar with the laws and it will relate more to your needs.

6. Better SEO ranking

We mentioned earlier that one of the benefits of using local web hosting is speed, but did you know that speed is an important ranking factor?

Yes, speed affects the ranking of your website, if Google finds out that your website is slow it will take it further down the ranking page because it wants to satisfy its users the best way it can.

Hosting with a local web hosting company makes your website fast which in turn improves your SEO ranking.

7. Make your economy better and also supports small businesses

When you buy from a local web hosting you are contributing to the economy of your resident country. That means the money will still be in circulation within your country.

Secondly, you are encouraging small business companies to do better, using their services will make them be able to do better.

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If that happens, you will also benefit from it.

8. Better customer support

This is one of the top advantages of using local web hosting because having access to prompt support in a way you want can’t be overemphasized.

Just imagine trying to communicate English with your Nigerian accent to an Indian customer representative having an Indian accent, how will that communication be? 

Answer it yourself (lol).

Do you now see why it’s important for you to host your website locally? 

You will be able to communicate easily without many hitches.

Again, they will have a physical location in your location. This means you can go to their office if your case warrants that.

9. Easy payment

Many people find it difficult to buy hosting from international hosting companies because Nigerians can’t use some payment platforms.

But when you want to buy hosting from a local hosting company you won’t face that challenge because you will be paying in your country’s local currency.

Local web hosting companies in Nigeria

After reading about the benefits of using a local web hosting company, it’s only fair for you to get to know about the ones available for you to choose from.

  1. Truehost Nigeria
  2. WhoGoHost
  3. Smartweb online solutions
  4. Betahost247
  5. Afeeshost
  6. Nedhost
  7. Domain King
  8. Gigalayer
  9. Hostnownow
  10. Global hosting 247
  11. Web4Africa
  12. Qservers
  13. Listed Hosting
  14. Tfhost
  15. Abollyhost
  16. Todhost
  17. Fajiweb

Our recommended local web hosting company in Nigeria

Truehost Nigeria

Truehost is a web hosting company in Nigeria that offers customers web hosting services at a reasonable cost.

They offer shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, Windows, cloud, and WordPress hosting services.

The shared hosting packages offered by Truehost start at N500 per month and come with 30 GB of SSD storage, limitless bandwidth, and limitless email addresses, and you can host up to three websites.

The subsequent plans offer advanced features that can meet any business website’s needs. Start by visiting Truehost Nigeria today.

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