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How To Get The Best Cpanel Web Hosting in Nigeria

Last updated on December 8th, 2020 at 05:31 pm

Best Cpanel Web Hosting in Nigeria

In this article, we explain how to get the best Cpanel web hosting in Nigeria for your business. We also explain the advantages of cPanel as well as its disadvantages. In all, we recommend the plug for the best Cpanel web hosting in Nigeria to help you make the right decision.

cPanel is an online Linux-based graphical interface (GUI) used as a control panel to simplify website and server management. cPanel allows you to publish websites, manage domains, organize web files, create email accounts, and more.

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the world. Many web hosting companies supply cPanel to customers as part of their hosting package.

cPanel has two interfaces, a user interface called cPanel and a server management interface called Web Host Manager (WHM). This combination allows users to manage their website and supplies hosting providers with tools to manage the server.

Advantages of Cpanel

Easy to navigate, colourful,  and vibrant client interface

cPanel offers a beautiful client-side interface.  It is extremely easy to navigate,  with an icon-based menu on the main page,  linking the user to the important features which the control panel offers.

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A wide array of supported operating systems

cPanel has been developed to offer support for many of the most popular operating systems for web servers.  This allows the control panel to be utilized by almost every web hosting company.  The developers of cPanel are also working on versions which will be compatible with the Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

Widely accepted by potential web hosting clients

cPanel is the biggest name in the web hosting control panel industry and is recognized by almost all potential web hosting clients.  This gives the client a sense of familiarity,  and also gives the client peace of mind,  as they know that they are getting a stable control panel system.


A big advantage of cPanel is that it is compatible with all web browsers. It works well with a wide range of browsing platforms including all the leading ones – Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also welcomes third-party add on’s to boost website dynamics substantially. These add-ons can be anything from on-site blogs to guest blogs, e-books or digital marketing boards.

Reliability and Support

cPanel rarely asks for your support and instead is always there as reliable support for you to rely on. cPanel has the ability to automatically detect errors and restart the system on its own for refreshed service.

Disadvantages of cPanel

Everything in the world has two sides; bright and dark. cPanel could be the plug for the best cPanel web hosting in theNigeria. But it would still have a few letdown features that are disappointing for the server administrators or clients. Here are some of its most majorly reported disadvantages.

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Authorized Access to Files

One of the most frustrating disadvantages of cPanel is that it does not allow users to access all files without first looking for consent. As a user, you will have to seek permission to access all files from cPanel which is very time consuming and messes with the responsiveness of the files. This issue is, however, fixable because you can configure the settings of all create files to shell access and a set a passcode.

Easy Target

It is extremely sad that such a proficient and powerful control panel would lack some basic security but it does. cPanel relies on the server of the software that it is managing. This always puts it at risk of becoming a soft target for the hackers as they can make their way in through a third-party source. Hence, encryption is a big problem with cPanel.



TrueHost Cloud Nigeria (The Best Cpanel Web hosting in Nigeria)

TrueHost Cloud is one of the most sought-after hosting services in Lagos. This is because it offers the cheapest packages in web hosting and best cPanel web hosting in Nigeria. TrueHost Cloud, however, is not only affordable, but it is also reliable and very easy to use.

TrueHost Cloud Nigeria focuses on providing registering domains and web hosting in Nigeria. It is very affordable and very reliable. On top of that, TrueHost is really concerned about the businesses it is working with.

Check out TrueHost’s CPanel packages and prices to get started.

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