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Where To Get The Best VPS Hosting in Nigeria

best VPS hosting in Nigeria

In this article, we will explain what VPS hosting is and where to get the best VPS hosting in Nigeria for your personal or business website. We will go through the needs for a VPS hosting, what a good VPS Host should provide and we will then go on to recommend the best for your business.

In Nigeria, more businesses and individuals are setting up websites to interact with their customers and prospects. As the web space enlarges, businesses will need to seek more advanced hosting solutions to capture their needs. One of the major moves in this direction is the move from shared hosting to virtual private servers (VPS).

What is VPS Hosting?

It is essential we thoroughly explain what VPS Hosting is. This will help us get a clearer picture of what to look out for later in this article.

A virtual private server (VPS) is a physical server that has been divided through the aid of software into several virtual servers, each acting as an independent server. Each VPS works on its own but the RAM, CPU, and disk space are still shared. Each of them can have a different operating system from others and can be configured in any way possible.

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How Does VPS Hosting Work?

Virtual Private Servers simulate the behavior of a real physical server even though in reality the machine, that is the VPS, is shared among a number of users.

In the Shared server hosting system, multiple users share the disk space and bandwidth of one central server. In the dedicated server, each user is allocated their own dedicated server.

VPS hosting, however, is one physical machine or server divided into small servers. Therefore a Virtual Private Server is simply a smaller server running within a bigger one. The bigger physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, and each one is separated from the others.

Do you Need A VPS Hosting

Your website getting huge traffic

As your website grows, more people are logging on daily and interacting with your content and products. At some point, the level of traffic your shared hosting package can withstand will no more be enough for the amount of traffic coming in. This can cause your website to crash and lose uptime. The importance of uptime for your website is non-negotiable. When users/customers can not access your site, they’ll look elsewhere and you can’t let that happen.

A VPS hosting can accommodate more traffic and scale your website with very minimal human intervention. So, if traffic on your website has been increasing over the last couple of months, it’s time to move to a VPS host.


As your website becomes more popular and advances, you might need to use more applications. However, shared hosting does not give you control over the applications running on your site. Shared hosting already has a preset set of applications you can use and you can go no further. If you need control over your applications or need particular applications your shared host doesn’t offer, then it’s time to move to VPS hosting.

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Security and Privacy

In shared hosting, several sites are hosted on the same server. As a result, the data on your site is not very secure. This makes your website very vulnerable. The vulnerability is so much that when another website on the same server as yours gets breached, your own website becomes vulnerable.

Therefore, if you are running very important applications or store very important data or you just want that extra security for your website, then it’s time to get VPS hosting.

Other Resources

For the success of your website, there are some resources that are very important. Such resources include bandwidth, server space, and memory

Shared hosting is very limited in very important resources that will be useful as your website grows. Because it is designed to be used by starters, just to kickstart, and is therefore cheap.

As your website grows, you will outgrow the resources. To get more of these things, VPS hosting is the best option.


A dedicated server might be the best option for the level your website is on. They offer you a server of your own and a lot of other advantages. However, dedicated servers are very expensive and not easily accessible.

On the other hand, VPS can give you similar offerings at a far lower price and low maintenance and accessibility. So for people who want resources offered by dedicated hosting but can not afford that yet, they should just opt for VPS hosting.

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Indicators of Good VPS Hosting

For a host to qualify as the best VPS hosting in Nigeria or to be a good VPS host at all, there are some indicators they must display. Some of them include:

Easy to use

A good VPS must be easy to operate and manage. You should be able to manage your VPS with just a few clicks and interactions from the control panel. Your control panel should also allow you to backup and restore your VPS, reboot, and install operating systems whenever you choose.

24/7 Customer Support

Asides from being easy to use, hosting and servers might get complicated and technical issues might arise. A good service that provides VPS hosting should be available whenever you need to ask questions or get issues solved. The customer support team should be available and ready to help.


Uptime is totally unnegotiable. As stated above, one of the major reasons one opts for VPS hosting is to increase their uptime and stability.

Most hosts promise 99.9% which is like saying they are always up with allowance for a few glitches here and there. This is not always true though. However, there should be reliable and guaranteed.


Like with uptime, security is usually one of the major reasons people opt for VPS hosting. Therefore, a VPS hosting that is not secure is almost useless.

Like every other hosting service or product, a Virtual Private Server must be secure and safe from breaches and other vulnerabilities.

How To Get The Best VPS Hosting in Nigeria.

TrueHost Cloud is one of the most sought-after hosting services in Nigeria. This is because it offers the cheapest packages in web hosting, domain name registration, and even the best VPS hosting in Nigeria. TrueHost, however, is not only affordable, but it is also reliable and very easy to use.

Check out TrueHost’s VPS hosting offers here now.

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