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7 Biggest Bloggers in Nigeria You Need To Know

Last updated on November 27th, 2023 at 11:37 am

It is inspiring to read about the biggest bloggers in Nigeria because you get to find out that they all started small before getting to where they are today.

The stories of successful people doing what we want to do or what we are doing on a small scale encourages us to keep moving when we are not getting immediate results.

It’s true that one effective way to be successful in a particular field is to read the biography of successful people in that field. That’s why this post was created.

To inspire you to start from where you are and also to learn from the success and failures of others. 

All the biggest bloggers in Nigeria today start from somewhere, they didn’t become big overnight.

This post will tell you about blogging, the biggest bloggers, lessons from bloggers’ stories, the benefits of blogging and how to start your blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is an online website that allows people to write, publish and share content regularly.

The posts in a blog appear in reverse chronological order, that’s to say the latest posts replace the old post.

When you visit an active post today and then visit it after a week you won’t find the same content because the latest posts have replaced the ones.

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is someone who writes, publishes, and shares blog posts regularly.

A typical blogger is versatile in skills like writing, copywriting, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing and a lot more.

It is no news that bloggers make money online because blogging gives that opportunity. That’s why many people want to start their blogs.

You will discover ways bloggers make money in Nigeria later in this post, however, let’s talk about the biggest bloggers in Nigeria.

Biggest bloggers in Nigeria

1. Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji, one of the biggest bloggers in Nigeria

Linda Ikeji is a Nigerian blogger from Nkwerre, Imo State. She was born on 19 September 1980. After graduating from secondary school at the age of 17, She got admission to the University of Lagos where she studied English Language.

Her blog is one of the top blogs in Nigeria, her blog is a gossip and entertainment niche blog.

She started blogging in 2006 using Google’s blogger platform, Blogspot Subdomain before she got her domain

When she started blogging, she used to go to cyber cafes to write, she sometimes had to borrow money to go to the Cafe. But she was consistent in writing and publishing content.

Today, she is recognised across the shores of Africa. Forbes Africa featured her among Africa’s 20 Most prominent women in August 2012.

In 2018, she was recognised internationally when she was selected as an eminent personality in business and media in Africa and conferred an honorary doctorate from Trinity International University in Georgia.

She paved the way for others to follow in the blogging niche in Nigeria. Additionally, she also has a TV show called Linda Ikeji TV.

When it comes to giving back to society, she empowered young girls aged 16 – 25 that have great business ideas with a total sum of N10, million in her project themed “I’d rather be self-made”.

2. Uche Jennifer Pedro

Uche Pedro is the founder of the popular Nigerian blog BellaNaija. She was born on 26th July 1984 in Maiduguri, Borno state. 

She bagged her first degree in Business Administration from Ivey Business school in 2006, she went further to bag a master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School in 2020.

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Uche married Pedro Bode 2012, the son of the former Governor of Lagos state. They are blessed with 3 kids.

Her blog is known for entertainment, news, relationship, events, marriage, sweet spots and many more.

According to her, she started the blog as a hobby during a two weeks break in university. But realized the potential in it and then decided to put more energy into it.

What started as a hobby is a multi-millionaire business. She’s worth $4 million according to Wealth result estimation.

She has also received a lot of awards from FAB awards, African Fashion week, The British council and many more.

3. Noble Igwe

He was born in Aba, Abia state on 10th February, 1979. Noble studied Urban and regional planning at the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

He founded the popular entertainment blog 360nobs together with Oye Akideinde and Abimbola Soares.

He married Chioma Otisi and his estimated worth is $1.5 million.

4. Ademola Ogundele

Ademola founded notjustok together with Ovie Ofugara, a popular music blog in Nigeria, there was a time in Nigeria that about all MP3 songs start with notjustok sound.

The blog started as a personal blog in 2006 but experienced a surge in traffic when Ademola posted the performance of 9ice at Nelson Mandela’s 90th-anniversary concert.

It has since transformed into one of the best music blogs in Nigeria, people can download different genres of music from their website and artists can upload their songs through

The blog was awarded the best music blog award for four consecutive years, 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

5. Makinde Azeez

Makinde was born on 10th December 1989 in Lagos. He studied Physics at Osun state university Osogbo.

Makinde founded Naijaloaded together with Dele and Timi in 2013.

Naijaloaded is a music blog where people can download songs and upcoming artists can upload their songs.

It has received awards as the best music blog in Nigeria.

6. Ladun Liadi

Ladun Liadi is a top Nigerian blogger who studied Microbiology at the University of Lagos Nigeria.

Her blog Ladun Liadi is named after her, the blog talks about news, gossip, entertainment and lots more. She started the blog in 2010

The blog generates thousands of traffic monthly and it’s filled with lots of content

7. Loy Okezie

Loy was born on 12th November 1981. He studied business administration at the University of Abuja.

He has started several successful blogs, some of which are techloy and startup Nigeria.

Techloy is a technology blog that talks about technology. Loy’s work has been featured in NEXT technology times, BBC and CNN.

Top blogs in Nigeria

Here are some of the top blogs in Nigeria based on various sources:

  1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog
  2. BellaNaija
  3. Nigerian Infopedia
  4. SisiYemmie
  5. OgbongeBlog
  6. 9jafoodie
  7. Naija News
  8. Mc Ebisco
  9. Punch Newspapers
  10. Vanguard News
  11. Premium Times Nigeria
  12. Nigeria | The Guardian
  13. NaijaTechGuide
  14. Oscarmini
  15. Geek NG
  16. Tech NG
  17. NotjustOk
  18. TechLoy
  19. 360Nobs
  20. NaijaLoaded
  21. Ynaija
  22. Too-exclusive
    1. 2 Space Left
  23. KOKO
  24. FabWoman
  26. TheFisayo
  27. Fab Magazine » Lifestyle
  28. HyNaija
  29. Debby Hub Nigeria
  31. Catherine jays blog Nigeria

These blogs cover various topics, including news, entertainment, technology, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. They are influential in their respective niches and provide valuable insights to their readers.

Richest content creator in Nigeria

According to recent reports, Mark Angel is the richest content creator in Nigeria in 2023 with a net worth of $1.9 million.

He is a YouTuber who creates comedy skits and has captured the hearts of millions of viewers in Nigeria and beyond.

Other notable content creators who have amassed significant wealth through their online endeavors include SamSpedy, Edith Skin Doctor, Broda Shaggi, Taaooma, Kassim Braimah, Lasisi Elenu, and Tomi Colour Pavilion.

It is worth noting that skit-making has become a lucrative industry in Nigeria, and some of the most popular skit-makers in the country today, such as Taaooma, Mr. Macaroni, Oga Sabinus, and Sydney Talker, are also among the richest content creators in Nigeria.

How much do bloggers make in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the earnings of bloggers vary significantly depending on factors such as the blog’s niche, number of visitors, and chosen monetization methods.

According to PayScale, the average salary for a blogger in Nigeria is ₦1,020,136 per year, but this figure can range from as little as ₦100,000 to over ₦50 million annually.

Some popular monetization methods for Nigerian bloggers include:

  1. Sponsored posts: Brands pay bloggers to write posts about their products or services, with compensation typically ranging from ₦50,000 to ₦150,000.
  2. Affiliate marketing: Bloggers earn a commission by promoting products or services from other companies on their websites.
  3. Advertising: Bloggers can earn money through advertising on their websites, such as Google Adsense or sponsored adverts.
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Some of the richest bloggers in Nigeria and their estimated net worth include:

  • Linda Ikeji: $40 million
  • Omoyele Sowore: $10 million
  • Uche Eze Pedro: $5 million
  • Noble Igwe: $4 million

These bloggers have built large audiences and monetized their blogs effectively, achieving success in various niches such as entertainment, business, technology, and lifestyle.

Lessons from the biggest bloggers in Nigeria

1. Building a blog takes time

It’s not common for newbie bloggers or intending bloggers to feel they will become millionaire bloggers within a month or two or even a year.

If you have that mindset you won’t last long online, making money in any field takes time including blogging. If you notice, most of these top bloggers started in 2005, 2006, and 2007. 

They took time to grow the blog by publishing content regularly and consistently.

As a blogger your focus should just be on publishing content, you must learn to promote it shamelessly.

2. It requires hard work

They say “no food for lazy man”; don’t think blogging is a way to make cheap money. Don’t be deceived by the fancy and glamorous lifestyle of top bloggers.

Blogging takes hard work, if it was that easy, everyone with a blog would be a millionaire by now. There are lots of bloggers struggling and that’s because they didn’t know it takes hard work and discipline.

The goal is not to scare you, rather it’s to inspire you to start your blog with the right information so you will also become successful.

3. You must be willing to learn

As mentioned earlier, blogging requires you to have a lot of skills or at least outsource tasks to people.

Apart from writing, you will need to learn marketing, SEO, digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and basic WordPress skills.

Therefore, you will need to be willing to read, take courses, watch tutorial videos and implement everything you have learned.

Why you should become a blogger in Nigeria

1. You will become a brand

Whatever niche blog you decide to start will help you become a brand. For example, if you decide to blog about writing, people will begin to see you as a professional writer, an authority, such that they will come to you whenever they have any issue related to writing.

Branding is simply creating a particular perception in the minds of people about a person and or business products/ services.

2. It will create opportunities for you

Blogging will create opportunities like speaking gigs, influencing offers and writing opportunities.

When you are perceived as an authority in a niche you will be called to different places to speak to people that desire your knowledge.

Dr Myles Munroe of blessed memory said “when you become an authority in one field you become influential in every other area of life”

That’s to say, sometimes you may just be called to share your success because you are seen as a success in your niche.

3. You can get writing gigs easily

When sending proposals to prospective clients for writing gigs, you can easily convince them with the content on your blog.

The content on your blog will speak for you, you won’t have to do much again

And sometimes, they will even reach out to you through your blog when they stumble on your content.

4. You will become a consultant

Do you know that blogging requires you to know about SEO and if you can grow your blog that means you know enough about SEO to be able to show others how to replicate the same result.

You can become an SEO consultant for businesses and individuals that want organic traffic to their websites.

How bloggers make money in Nigeria

1. Ad Networks

There are lots of ad networks but the most popular one is Google Ad-sense. When you register with Google AdSense they will place adverts on your website so you can earn when people view and click on them.

Businesses and individuals register with Google to advertise their products online, so when you register with them, they place the ads on your blog and give you a percentage of the money paid by the advertisers.

This is the most popular way to make money blogging.

2. Sponsored advertisement

Companies will reach out to you requesting to advertise on your blog through sponsored posts or any other number of ways.

You will now reach an agreement on the fee, terms and conditions.

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And if they don’t come, you can reach out to businesses related to your niche, informing them of your blog traffic and how it will benefit them if they place adverts on your blog.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply selling the product or services of another person or business for a commission.

Blogging is the simplest way to do affiliate marketing if you have an audience that trusts you. Because if they trust you they will accept what you recommend for them without much hesitation.

It’s your responsibility to look for products and services in your niche, write reviews about them and recommend them to your blog audience.

Most affiliate marketing programs will give you a unique link to place on your blog that people can use to make purchases.

4. Selling of courses 

You can compile the knowledge and experience you have gathered while growing your blog into an ebook or a course for people to buy.

Your blog audience who wants to achieve the same feat as you will buy from you because they want to know what you know.

Selling courses online is a new way of learning in Nigeria that has come to stay.

How to start your blog in Nigeria

1. Choose a blog niche

You must choose a blog in a particular area of interest. Remember this popular quote “jack of all trades master of none”?

It is also applicable to blogging, many experts advise that it’s better to start a niche blog because it is easier to scale.

So, you need to think carefully about the niche of the blog you want. Some things that will help you choose a niche are 

  • Your interest
  • Your experience
  • Profitability
  • Competition
  • Your passion

2. Choose a blog name

After finally choosing a blog niche, you should think of the right name to give your blog.

Choose a name that is related to your niche and if possible a name people can easily remember.

Some top bloggers in the world and even in Nigeria use their name as the blog name.

3. Buy hosting and domain

It’s now time for your dream to come alive, it’s time to buy hosting and domain for your blog.

There are different free platforms to start blogging, however, if you want to have full control over your blog you need to buy hosting and domain.

Hosting is the space given to your website on the internet to keep your website files so they can be retrieved anytime you or anyone needs it.

While a domain is the identity of your website on the internet, the name people use to access your website files. is the domain name of Google. 

Domains have different extensions, some examples are .com,, .ng, .edu etc.

Even though there are many hosting companies in Nigeria and internationally, Truehost is a hosting company that offers quality and affordable hosting and a domain that you can use to start your blog.

Their services are reliable and they have a 24/7 customer support team ready to answer all your questions.

4. Install WordPress

After you have bought hosting and domain from Truehost, you will be given login details to your Cpanel dashboard.

Cpanel is the admin of your website, you can manage your website from there. 

WordPress is a content management system ( CMS ) that allows you to set up your blog with ease. It can also be used to design a website.

You can install WordPress from Cpanel.

5. Install Themes and plugins

After installing WordPress, you are to install a theme and plugins. The theme you install will determine the look and feel of your blog.

There are thousands of free themes on WordPress directories but if your want more customization you will have to buy a premium theme.

Plugins on the other hand are software that adds functionalities to your website. Any function you want your blog to perform can be done when you use the right plugin.

For example, if you want to improve your blog’s SEO you can install a plugin called Yoast, or if you want to secure your website, you can use a plugin called Jetpack.

There are also thousands of free plugins, however, if you want the full features you need to upgrade the plugin to the premium package.

6. Start writing

Finally, you can start writing on your blog, but before then you need to perform keyword research to find out what people are asking on the internet in your niche so you can answer their questions through your blog.

If you fail to perform keyword research, you will be writing content no one is willing to share.

Learn basic Onpage SEO so you will be able to optimise your content for them to appear on Google.

7. Promote your blog

Even when you have performed SEO practices on your blog you will need to promote it shamelessly in all legal ways possible.

Share your posts on social media, and tell your family and friends to help you share them. 


The biggest bloggers in Nigeria started as amateurs before reaching where they are today. They say “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step”.

So, if you want to become a top blogger in Nigeria and beyond someday, why not start with the first step today?

Start by buying your hosting and domain today from Truehost.

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