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9+ Best Websites To Buy Cars Online in Nigeria

Last updated on December 20th, 2023 at 07:52 am

The automobile industry in Nigeria is not left out in this digital age, it is now easy to find where to buy cars online in Nigeria because many of them have created their presence online.

Research has shown that a large percentage of people make inquiries online before finally deciding to buy.

Nigeria now has lots of places to buy cars online because car dealers need to be where people are.

You will agree with me that people are found more online, on social media, and on Google seeking answers.

Read further to find out where to buy cars online in Nigeria and even how to start your car dealership website in Nigeria.

9 websites to buy cars online in Nigeria

Below is a comprehensive list of where to buy cars online in Nigeria.

  1. Jiji
  2. Betarcar
  3. Cars45
  4. Olist
  5. Autocheck
  6. Naijaauto
  7. Carmart
  8. Jumia
  9. Spicyauto

1. Jiji

Jiji is one of the biggest online shopping classified in Nigeria, you can buy and sell almost anything.

It allows sellers to sell anything and buyers the opportunity to buy anything online.

Even though people sell almost anything on the websites, one of the major commodities people sell are cars.

You can find cars of different models and years on their website being sold by real people from different parts of Nigeria.

But you need to be careful while buying cars on their platform because Jiji is just there as a middle man that brings sellers and buyers together, they don’t interfere with the way buyers and sellers interact.

They advise people to meet in open places and also during the daytime to complete their transactions to avoid being scammed or harmed.

2. Betarcar

Betarcar is a place where you can find quality tokunbo cars that have a warranty and free fuel for the first month of purchase.

They have a financing program that gives salary earners and structured business owners the opportunity to buy quality certified tokunbo cars and pay over 12-24 months.

Only tokunbo cars are available in their company and their prices are non-negotiable, they claim their prices are below the average price of other reputable dealerships in Nigeria.

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There is the opportunity to test drive the car in their mini driveway before buying the car.

3. Cars45

Cars45 is a child organization of Jiji that is dedicated to buying and selling cars only.

Sellers put their cars on sale for buyers to buy.

There are two ways to reach out to sellers, through call and live chat.

They operate the same way as Jiji.

4. List

Olist is one of the leading free online car marketplace and e-commerce websites in Nigeria.

They connect real sellers and buyers.

Phones, houses, electronics cars, etc are items being sold on the online market in Nigeria.

In addition, accident cars are being sold at USA auctions.

A full description of the car damage is being displayed on the website.

Apart from the purchase price at auction, you will have to pay additional fees like auction fees, brokerage fee, custom and clearing, management fee, and VAT( Value added tax).

It can be concluded that it is a good place to buy cars online in Nigeria.

5. Autochek

Autocheck is an online market that sells new and used cars from trusted dealers and sellers in Nigeria.

In addition to cars, they also sell big trucks.

They provide financing like betarcar for salary earners and business owners to pay over a period of time.

Furthermore, they also deliver car maintenance services.

Examples of maintenance they deliver are battery service, car washing, car tire, car brake, and car Ac services.

It is worthy of mention to say that they also operate in other African countries like Ghana, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, and Uganda.

They have cars of different body parts like bus, convertibles, pickup, etc.

It is a good place to buy brand new cars.

6. Naijauto

Naijauto is among the trusted online marketplace for Nigerian car buyers and sellers.

The prices of the cars there are negotiable.

Sellers are being reached through phone call.

It is a good place to buy both tokunbo and Nigeria used cars.

7. is an online market that allows people to sell their cars from the comfort of their homes.

In Carmart you will find vehicles, car parts, car accessories, motorcycles, car rental services.

The means of communication to the sellers are through WhatsApp and phone calls.

8. Jumia

Jumia is an online shopping site in Nigeria where people buy electronics, fashion, phones, cars, etc.

Jumia deals have second-hand cars sold for cheap prices.

They have heavy-duty cars, boats, spare parts, and accessories.

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They offer good deals on everything else such as phones, electronics, and fashion.

9. Spicyauto

Spicyauto is an online market for new and used cars in Nigeria, they aim to become the most trusted place for car shoppers.

They make it easy for car dealers to meet potential car shoppers.

They have cars of different models for sale.

These are some of the best places to buy cars online in Nigeria.

How to start a car dealership business online in Nigeria

Are you a car dealership or thinking of exploring this lucrative online car market in Nigeria?

Well, if you are trying to take your car business online in Nigeria or maybe you have been trying to start a business online, this section is for you.

You will find the exact steps to take to start an online car dealership business in Nigeria.

Starting a car dealership business in Nigeria may seem difficult but it shouldn’t be if the right steps are carefully taken.

In this digital age, any business that is not online is at risk of losing a lot of potential customers.

People Google before buying, they try to research companies and deals online before going to a physical store to buy.

That is why it is very important to take your car business online.

PS – This post is based on the assumption that you already have an offline car business in Nigeria.

Follow these steps to take your car business online

  1. Create a website
  2. Have a good navigation
  3. Display quality car images
  4. Write a comprehensive description of the cars
  5. Have a blog
  6. Have a good customer service
  7. Perform digital marketing
  8. Build a trustworthy brand

1. Create a website

The importance of a well-designed website cannot be overemphasized, since it serves as an online shop and office.

There are basic features a good website posses, such as speed, good navigation, easy use, etc.

Some of these features are determined by the hosting of the website.

For example, the speed of the website is largely determined by the hosting providers in Nigeria.

To start a website in Nigeria, there are two important features that a must-have

You need hosting and a domain name.

Hosting is the space given to you on the internet to showcase your website while the domain is simply the identity of your website.

While choosing a hosting provider in Nigeria you will need to consider the loading speed, uptime, cost, security, etc.

When considering a hosting provider for your car website you should patronize Truehost Nigeria.

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Truehost cloud service has all the features at very affordable prices to help you take your business online.

Whether you are building your website by yourself or you will be hiring a web designer, use Truehost to host your website for the best experience and customer support.

2. Have a good navigation

The menu of your website needs to be easy to use.

Let all the important pages be on the menu.

Pages like categories of cars, about us, our services, etc.

It will enable users to easily know your offers and brand.

3. Display quality car images

The pictures of the cars need to be of high resolution so visitors can easily make a buying decision.

Pictures should be taken from different angles to give a complete perspective of the cars.

4. Write a complete description of the cars

It is important to write all the features of the cars and also damages if there are any.

Make sure all important features about every car are specified.

5. Have a blog

Starting a blog will help to make your business have more visibility online.

The blog should contain quality content that can attract traffic to your website in Nigeria.

The content you are writing should be related to cars in Nigeria to attract the right audience to your car website.

If cranking out content consistently sounds like an uphill task for you, all is not lost. Consider hiring the best content writing services from professional writers around the world.

6. Have a good customer service

The website needs to have live chat so that visitors will be able to reach out to your customer care for inquiries or support.

There should be someone active at all times to attend to people’s calls and messages.

7. Perform digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing done on the internet to promote goods, services, and brands.

There is a need to have a planned digital marketing strategy that will increase your brand visibility.

Examples of digital marketing are search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), Social media marketing(SMM), and email marketing.

When you perform this marketing properly, you will attract lots of quality traffic to your website.

8. Build a trustworthy brand

A brand is simply the perception people have of your car business.

When people hear your business name what comes to their mind?

You need to create trust, credibility, and quality in people’s minds.

This is achieved by taking deliberate steps.

When you can build a good reputation, you won’t have to reduce the price of your cars/services to beat your competition.


There are lots of places to buy cars online in Nigeria and it is possible to increase car business brand visibility by creating a car selling website.

Truehost Nigeria gives you access to all the resources you need to start and grow your car dealership business online in Nigeria.

Go ahead and check out our web hosting services now.

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