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Why Nigerian should register a .NG Domain extension and not a .COM or .NET


Domain Name Availability

.NG domain extensions include .COM.NG, .NG, .i.NG, .NAME.NG, .SCH.NG, .EDU.NG, .GOV.NG, and .NG. There are about 100k domain registered under .NG domain extension compared to 145 Million .com and .net domain registered as at the end of 2017 according to Verisign.

With this statistics, it is obvious that it easier to register domain of your choice under .NG domain extensions as compared to .NET or .COM. Just search yourbusiness.ng domain here and it will be available – go ahead and register it to start building your brand on the internet.


There is a level of credibility associated with a .NG domain extension. There are a few restriction of identity check that a domain registrant has to go through to register a .NG domain name. NIRA charges .NG domain registrars with a responsibility of doing a domain name registrant background check prior to registering a .NG domain name. On the contrary, anyone anywhere can register a .COM and .NET domain name without any restriction. Therefore cyber criminals and fraudsters like to use .com and .net as compared to .NG domain extension. Get your business credibility mileage by using a .NG domain extension.

Local presence and appeal

Whenever customers see a .NG domain extension they are sure it’s a Nigerian company with local presence in Nigeria. In that case your business is likely to get more inquiries from people in Naija when it has a .NG domain extension as compared a .com and .net domain name extensions.

Purchase a .NG domain extension to give your business complete local presence and appeal.

Promotion of Naija brand

Naija the country, the brand is associated with the .NG domain extension. If we all promoted the Naija brand by using .NG domain extensions, we would create a respectable digital footprint on the internet that would promote Nigerian Online businesses. Play your part in promotion of Nigerian online image by buying a .NG domain Name.

Look at the top brands

If you are still not sure, why don’t you look at the top brands in the country. Do you recognize the following brands..?










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