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How To Get Cheap VPS in Nigeria Fast

Are you looking for cheap VPS in Nigeria?

You have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to get the best VPS servers.

And we are not only talking about the prices, we talking quality.

We understand that your business deserves the best to deliver the best services.

See, customer experience is everything.

Even tech giants like Google understands this very well.

In fact, they just rolled out an algorithm update aimed at measuring the page experience.

More on that in a minute.

Before we talk naira, let’s cover the basics so we are on the same page, shall we?

What is a VPS in Nigeria?

VPS is an acronym, standing for Virtual Private Server.

Funny enough, each of these words has a meaning, let’s explore them starting with Virtual.

The dictionary defines virtual as something, ‘not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.’

In simple words, it is something you cannot see, touch, or smell.

In the tech world, there are servers, right?

These are actually special computers used to store and retrieve data.

Servers used for hosting websites are known as webservers.

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Now, when a hosting company like Truehost hosts your website, they are simply allocating you space inside these servers.

Here is where you can store your site files.

You know, things like images, articles, code, and videos among others.

Here is where it gets interesting.

There are several types of webservers used for hosting, but here are the main ones;

  • Share hosting – here is where you share the same server resources with other users. Think of it as living under the same building and sharing the kitchen and everything. This means you split the bills as well, easy, right?
  • Dedicated hosting – it’s the complete opposite of Share hosting. With this, you have all the servers to yourself. This means you are not sharing anything, including the bills. Ouch!

Now, with these two types of hosting in Nigeria, they are both on the extreme end of hosting bills.

You are left but wonder, is there a middle ground?

Well, yes, there is a better option.

That is where VPS in Nigeria comes in.

  • VPS hosting – here, the server is subjected to virtualization technology. The result? Small servers inside the big server. But they aren’t actually servers, that is why they are called ‘virtual.’

What happens is that a virtual wall is applied to the server.

This creates different compartments capable of running their own OS and thus can be used to host websites in Nigeria.

That is where the ‘PRIVATE’ comes in.

Since it can run its OS, it means you are under its own ‘server’ and therefore cannot share resources with others under the same host server.

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Make sense?

Think of it this way;

You rented a room.

But this room contains other rooms inside, meaning everyone gets their own room and doesn’t share amenities, genius, I know!

Why use a VPS server in Nigeria?


Why should you care about  VPS hosting?

Well, two words;

Performance and affordability.

See, shared hosting may be the cheapest web hosting option but sucks at performance.

Remember you are sharing things like storage and RAM with possibly thousands of others.

This means that when their sites experience a spike in traffic, your site will experience a hit.


Because they are draining resources from your own.

Well, you can use a dedicated server.

Yes, that’s in fact, the best option.

But the pricing will get you back to the drawing board.

Don’t get me wrong.

Dedicated servers in Nigeria are the best.

They perform really exceptionally well, fast servers, and comes with 99.99% uptime.

But let’s face it, not all of us can afford it.

That is where cheap VPS in Nigeria comes in handy.

Let’s look at the pricing of VPS.

Where to get cheap VPS in Nigeria

Here are some prices;


CloudpapNG1 CloudpapNG2 CloudpapNG3 CloudpapNG4
₦24000 / month ₦36000 / month ₦45000 / month ₦75000 / month
30 GB SSD Storage 40 GB SSD Storage 60 GB SSD Storage 80 GB SSD Storage


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Why Truehost Nigeria?

We have reliable VPS Servers and we have made it AFFORDABLE.

What makes us different?

You can launch in minutes

Truehost Nigeria allows you to set up your VPS and Dedicated Servers within minutes. 

Through a variety of tools including drag drop website builder and web publisher in addition to free scripts such as wordpress, Joomla, wiki, Magento, you can launch your idea with fewer headaches.


Nigeria datacentre VPS

Virtual Private Servers located at a world-class data center in Nigeria with 99.98% uptime, Internationally accredited.

Servers located in Nigeria are important for clients looking to reduce latency time in Nigeria, safeguard their data within Nigeria borders among other reasons.

Some of our clients include; 

  • Media and content creators in Nigeria
  • A large website that requires to cache their content and data in Nigeria
  • Local service providers like pharmaceuticals and law firms
  • Government Bodies
  • Hospitals

Select the Linux VPS of Choice based in Nigeria, instant set up


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