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Cheapest VPS Servers in Nigeria: Ultimate Guide

Last updated on November 29th, 2022 at 12:03 pm

Cheapest VPS Servers in Nigeria: Ultimate Guide 2020

Cheapest VPS Servers in Nigeria: Allow me to make one wild guess:

You are finally ready to get a website up and you are probably looking for a cheap web hosting provider in Nigeria.

You’ve seen how messy it is out here. Everything looks new and there’s a whole new world of terms you don’t understand. As you were doing your research, one of them kept coming up: VPS hosting.

Do not fret.

You are in the right place.

In this guide, I will walk you through the following:

  • What is VPS
  • How does it work
  • Should you get it or you are just wasting time

As a bonus, I will reveal the best and cheapest VPS servers in Nigeria. So, let’s get down to it ASAP.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Network.

To understand this well, let’s first start with the basics. What is a server?

A server is a powerful computer used to store all of your website’s files and data. As such, every time someone searches your website (by typing the domain name into their web browsers’ bar), this powerful computer sieves through the files and data stored in it and ‘serves up’ your website to the user.

How about the virtual part?

Well, VPS employs a technology known as virtualization to split up the server we just talked about into multiple virtual servers.

Think of it as this one big and powerful server has been subdivided into new servers that can function independently (a server inside another server).

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Why do that?

That’s where the word private comes in.

You see, a virtual server is only reserved for you alone. You do not have to share its resources with anyone else.

So, people share servers?

Continue reading to find out more about this.

To sum it up, a virtual private server is where you get a special server inside another server where you do not share with anyone else.

How does VPS work?

So far you’ve learned that VPS is a virtual server only used by one user.

In different instances, a server contains OS, RAM, processor, and where to store website files. But the thing is, several users can share these server resources.

For example:

Several users can host their websites in one server. Meaning that they will be sharing the RAM, the storage space, and even the processor.

As you can guess, it can get messy when something goes wrong is such an arrangement such as one user may be sucking more resources because his/her website is getting a ton of traffic. This leaves the other websites struggling to work using the remaining scarce resources.

This is where virtualization comes in.

Using the virtualization technique, your web hosting provider subdivides a dedicated server by installing a virtual layer on top of its operating system (OS).

This way, the server will be subdivided into compartments separated by virtual walls.

The resulting new compartments are capable of working on their own as separate servers. You can install an OS and have separate disk space where you store data and files.

Since VPS hosting separate your files from the rest of the users, it means that your website will be hosted in a secure and reliable environment.

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Now, I know I briefly touched on types of servers. Let’s look at different servers in brief so you can appreciate what cheap VPS hosting has to offer.

Type 1: shared hosting

As its name suggests, this is where you are sharing the same server resources (think CPU, RAM, and disk space) with several other website owners.

Shared web hosting has its share of downsides.

For example:

When someone on your shared server experiences a spike in traffic, it will affect the performance of all the other websites.

However, if you are starting out, and your website hasn’t yet received a lot of traffic, shared hosting is the best hosting plan you can get because it is cheap.

Type 2: Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated web hosting in Nigeria is the complete opposite of shared hosting.

Instead of sharing server resources and costs with other website owners, you have the server dedicated to your website only.

How cool is that?

Well, it is great, but there’s a catch.

Dedicated hosting in Nigeria is a little bit expensive but it is all worth it. You get 100% control of the server and you can perform customization to suit your taste. Not to mention security.

This type of hosting package in Nigeria is for you if you are planning to have a website with heavy technical demands:

  • Your website starts getting huge traffic daily
  • Looking for hosting that allows you to install own operating system
  • Your website runs on a custom software such an online game, a SaaS
  • You are handling huge financial transactions per day and need an extra secure environment. For example an e-commerce company

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out our dedicated hosting packages.

And then there’s VPS hosting.

As we’ve already discussed, this is a type of web hosting package in between the shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Actually, you are getting several of the dedicated hosting benefits cheaply: dedicated storage, incredible CPU, scalable RAM, and unlimited bandwidth.

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In short, VPS hosting gives you value for your money.

Who should use cheap VPS hosting in Nigeria?

You should acquire cheap VPS hosting if any of the following describes you:

  • You are worried sick of the security of your website. Everyone should be because there has been an increase in website attacks recently.
  • You are looking for the cheapest web hosting provider in Nigeria. If you need most of the benefits that come with dedicated hosting but you are on a budget, VPS hosting is for you
  • Looking for web hosting reseller options? If you are in the business of building websites for clients, VPS will help you host multiple sites because of enough RAM and CPU
  • You have/or plan to start an eCommerce business. You will need secure and reliable web hosting plans and VPS can offer that
  • Your website traffic has spiked meaning some of your pages are loading slowly hence hurting the readership and Google rankings
  • You need to install custom software on your website.

With all these in mind, it time I reveal the cheapest VPS provider in Nigeria.s

Where to get the best VPS hosting in Nigeria

Truehost Cloud Nigeria is one of the best web hosting companies in Nigeria. The company boasts of award-winning cloud technology with a presence in several countries across the globe.

We have the most affordable VPS hosting packages in Nigeria where you can launch within minutes of acquisition.

What’s in for you?

  • Instant set up
  • 99% uptime (the best within the industry)
  • Fastest servers. We have VPS servers based here in Nigeria
  • Truehost’s Data centers are located throughout the world at different locations such as Germany, Canada, US, France, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lagos, UK
  • Access to a team of experts are available 24/07 through either phone, email, or chat
  • Our VPS servers support any kind of operating system

What are you waiting for? Get these and many others. Check out our VPS hosting packages and select one that best suits your needs.

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