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Dominate the Nigerian Market with These Proven Digital Marketing Tactics

With more than 84 million internet users as of 2022, Nigeria is one of the world’s largest and most influential markets (Source: 

This figure is projected to grow to 117 million by 2026, making it an ideal market for companies looking to expand their reach. 

But if you want to succeed in this competitive business environment, you need a solid digital marketing strategy to help you stand out.

This article will look at some proven digital marketing tactics that will help you dominate the Nigerian market.

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What is a digital marketing tactic?

Digital marketing tactics are actually the channels you use to reach your target audience with information about your brand, product, or service. 

These channels empower you to provide buyers with answers to questions or challenges they may face, helping to move you closer to your marketing goals.

Yet, not all digital marketing channels are suitable for every business objective. 

Depending on the capabilities of each channel, it may be more suitable for a certain audience or situation. 

To make the most of your digital marketing in Nigeria, you need to identify the right channel and follow best practices to reach your objectives.

Why is Digital Marketing important for your business?

Digital marketing is a crucial tool for any business looking to succeed in the Nigerian market.

With a population of over 200 million and an ever-growing number of internet users, there is immense potential to reach customers quickly and effectively through digital marketing tactics.

Digital marketing allows businesses to interact with their target audience in real time, enabling them to engage with customers on a more personal level. 

The ability to track customer behavior through analytics helps businesses understand their target market better and create highly tailored campaigns that will appeal specifically to their desired demographic. 

At the same time, digital marketing allows you to advertise more cost-effectively than traditional print or television advertising.

And you can get the most out of every advertising Naira spent.

Furthermore, digital campaigns are more easily adjusted if necessary; change can be implemented quickly and accurately without reprinting materials or re-film commercials. 

Proven Digital Marketing Tactics in Nigeria

a. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. 

It is actually the process of optimizing a website to make it more visible in search engine results. 

And involves using keywords, content optimization, link building, and other tactics to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

You can increase your traffic and generate more leads by improving your website’s visibility on SERPs.

Businesses looking to stay ahead in the Nigerian market should use SEO as part of their overall digital marketing strategies. 

Keywords are an integral part of SEO; by identifying relevant keywords used by Nigerian users while searching online, businesses can create content that ranks higher in SERPS and drives more targeted website traffic.

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b. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is another great digital marketing tactic to stay ahead in the Nigerian market. 

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It involves sending emails to customers and prospects who have agreed to receive them to generate sales or create customer loyalty. 

What makes it so effective is that it allows you to target specific individuals or customer segments with personalized messages, including product offers, discounts, special promotions, and company news. 

In fact, according to studies, you get back $36 for every $1 invested in email marketing?!

To make the most of email marketing in Nigeria, create engaging content that resonates with your audience.

And don’t forget to use powerful analytics tools to track user engagement. 

You can also use split testing to improve your campaigns by testing different variations of subject lines, call-to-actions and button colours. 

Finally, segmenting your lists will enable you to send more targeted emails based on buyer behavior and interests – this means higher conversion rates for each campaign.

c. Social Media Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing tactics in Nigeria, social media cannot be ignored. 

What is it? 

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy that uses existing social media networks to promote products and services. 

It works by creating content that appeals to the target audience and encourages them to engage with the brand.

Using social media as part of a digital marketing campaign can help businesses stay ahead in the Nigerian market.

It helps increase visibility, build relationships with potential customers, and track analytics so they can tailor their approach for maximum impact. 

Your brand should consider different strategies for each platform depending on where their target market is most active. 

To maximize reach and engagement, businesses need to post content more frequently on platforms like Twitter or Instagram while creating long-form content such as videos or blog posts on platforms like LinkedIn. 

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d. Content Marketing 

Content marketing is an important digital marketing tactic for staying ahead in the Nigerian market.

It is a strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and ultimately drive profitable customer action. 

Content marketing can be used to inform, educate, entertain, or inspire customers.

The key to success with this tactic is understanding your target audience and creating content that resonates with them. 

This is the only way to have a chance of getting your stuff noticed.

To stay ahead of competitors, consider using SEO practices such as keyword research to identify which topics are most popular among your target audience. 

Additionally, focus on creating high-quality visual content such as videos or infographics that can help engage viewers more than traditional text-based pieces. 

And finally, consistently promote your content through social media channels so it reaches the right people at the right time. 

e. Video Marketing 

There were an estimated 3.37 billion internet users consuming video content in 2022!

That’s expected to grow even more in 2023 and beyond!

And that’s why video content is a powerful way to stay ahead in the Nigerian market. 

It involves creating and promoting videos to reach a target audience and promote products, services, or brands. 

How can you use video marketing to stay ahead in the Nigerian market? 

Well, first, using video as part of your content strategy allows you to reach more people than with text alone. 

They have higher engagement rates than other forms of digital media – meaning more people will be likely to watch your video content for longer periods of time. 

Again, videos are great for showcasing products and services in an easily digestible format – allowing users to quickly learn about your business offerings without having to read through lengthy texts or articles. 

Just like any other content, only produce them with your target audience in mind.

f. Influencer Marketing 

digital marketing tactic

As the Nigerian market grows increasingly competitive, it’s essential that businesses stay ahead of the curve. 

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One digital marketing tactic to do just this is influencer marketing. 

What is it? 

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. 

It’s used to reach large audiences by making use of key individuals who possess influence and authority within their specific niche.

See, by building relationships with an important group of personalities, companies can access new markets and benefit from increased exposure through word-of-mouth promotion and social media engagement. 

Not to mention, leveraging influencer endorsements can add credibility to your brand since these influential figures already have a high level of trust with their followers.

So, look for influencers within your niche and reach out to them. Strike a deal and let them promote your products or services.

g. Search engine marketing (SEM)

digital marketing tactic

Search engine marketing (SEM) is another effective digital marketing tool used to increase visibility and drive traffic to a business’ website. 

It involves optimizing web presence by using search engine algorithms, such as Google Ads, to gain maximum attention from potential customers. 

With SEM, businesses can attract more visitors to their websites and stay ahead of the competition.

For example, companies can create targeted campaigns based on users’ search terms and interests, or display ads for specific keywords that are most likely to be used by Nigerian customers. 

And you can also take advantage of geo-targeting capabilities to make sure their ads are only seen in Nigeria. 

For example, you can target anyone looking for the ‘best phones in Nigeria’ only.

h. Create an affiliate program

An affiliate program is a way to increase brand recognition, generate leads, and drive sales growth by offering your customers rewards for referring others to your products or services. 

With such a tactic, you can reward customers who refer their friends and family with discounts or rewards points. 

This will help you stay ahead in the Nigerian market by encouraging more referrals and building loyalty among your customer base.

All you have to do is agree with the partners on the reward for their efforts. You can set up a percentage commission, a one-off fee, or anything that is of value and affordable to you.

I. Marketing automation (like a CRM)

This is another digital marketing tactic very few people are using in Nigeria.

With it, you can automate your marketing processes, freeing up time and resources that can be used elsewhere. 

Such systems include but not limited to a CRM.

With the right CRM platform, companies can build automated workflows for customer segmentation, lead scoring and tracking, multi-channel campaigns, and more. 

This helps them ensure that their marketing efforts are more effective and efficient than ever before. 

EITHER way, implementing automation also allows businesses to provide a more personalized experience for customers in Nigeria. 

Companies can create targeted campaigns based on customer segmentation or purchase history to deliver personalized content that resonates with each individual buyer. 

Tips for Dominating the Nigerian Market

The Nigerian market is a lucrative one for businesses of all sizes. 

If you’re looking to make an impact in this dynamic and growing economy, digital marketing tactics are essential. 

Here are a few tips that can help you dominate it with the strategies we’ve looked at: 

a. Research Your Target Market 

Before launching a marketing campaign in Nigeria, it is essential to research the target market. 

Knowing your potential customers will help you create an effective strategy that will increase sales and reach more people in the country. 

Start by looking at consumer demographics such as age, income level, education level, occupation, and location. 

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This information can help you determine which products or services are most relevant to Nigerians and where they are spending their time online. 

It is also important to understand their purchasing behaviour so that you can tailor promotions and campaigns specifically for them. 

For example, if your target audience consists of young professionals with high disposable incomes, then you may want to focus on creating ads geared towards luxury items or experiences.

b. Identify the Right Tactics Through Experimentation

Identifying the right digital marketing tactics for a specific company can be tricky. 

The key to success is experimentation and testing different strategies to see which one works best. 

Companies should start by creating an online presence that will help them engage with their target audience in Nigeria. 

This includes creating an optimized website, optimizing their content for search engines, engaging in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and utilizing email marketing campaigns.

Once these essential digital marketing tactics are implemented, companies should focus on experimenting with more advanced techniques such as pay-per-click advertising, remarketing campaigns and influencer marketing. 

Through experimentation, companies can determine which of these tactics are most effective at driving engagement and conversions from their Nigerian audience. 

It is important to keep track of each experiment’s results so businesses can identify which strategies are most successful at achieving their desired outcome. 

c. Take Advantage of Mobile 

Using mobile to reach Nigerian customers is an effective way to connect with the nation’s tech-savvy consumers. 

With between 25 and 40 million smartphone users in Nigeria, mobile platforms offer an ideal channel through which businesses can market their products or services. 

Companies should make sure their websites are optimized for mobile devices so that customers can access them easily from any device. 

They should also use push notifications to keep their target audience up-to-date about new offers or discounts. 

And take advantage of mobile apps as well as SMS campaigns for greater reach and engagement with potential customers in Nigeria.

Businesses should also ensure that all content created for mobile use is designed to be concise and engaging in order to capture users’ attention quickly and effectively. 

Text messages, videos, images, infographics, and other visuals should be used strategically to attract more consumers while providing helpful information at the same time. 

d. Use Analytical Tools 

Analytical tools offer an invaluable opportunity to understand customer behavior and preferences.

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding website behavior. 

It provides insights into user demographics, page visits, conversions, device usage and more. 

Having this data allows marketers to refine their approaches and tailor content to specific audiences in Nigeria. 

Additionally, Google Trends can be used to track current search trends in the region so campaigns can focus on topics that are top of mind with potential customers. 

Tools such as SurveyMonkey or HotJar allow marketers to collect feedback from existing customers about their experiences with products or services. 

This insight can help shape strategies for engaging new leads as well as improve existing offerings based on customer needs and expectations. 

With the right tools, marketers can identify key trends in the Nigerian market that can help inform marketing strategies and better target customers. 

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is a powerful tool to help businesses succeed in the Nigerian market. 

With access to new technology and data-driven insights, business owners can gain an advantage over their competition by utilizing digital marketing tactics that are proven to be effective in the region. 

Whether you’re looking for content optimization strategies or ways to increase customer engagement, plenty of options can help you maximize your reach and capitalize on the growing economy.

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that will work for every business. 

Analyze your industry and target audience in order to identify which tactics will have the most success in bringing your brand more visibility and success. 

With careful research and strategic planning, businesses can position themselves as leaders within their respective markets by leveraging digital marketing techniques designed specifically for Nigeria’s dynamic economy. 

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