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Domain Name Registration in Lagos: How To Get It Done

Last updated on March 2nd, 2021 at 07:05 am

Domain name registration in Lagos, Nigeria


Domain Name Registration in Lagos

Looking to get your domain name registration in Lagos done but having problems choosing the best domain registrar or you just don’t know how it is done? Then, welcome as we have written this article to help you choose the perfect domain name registration in Lagos for your business.

Lagos is Africa’s biggest city and as it is home to 15 million people and thousands of businesses. Despite being Nigeria’s smallest state, Lagos is also the most populated.

Lagos is famous for its ruggedness and the prevalent fighter-spirit among its residents. As a business in Lagos, you have many competitors trying to win your prospective customers. Therefore, you have to do everything it takes to not only attract and delight the customers but to also become a leader in your market.

Using the digital space to grow your business in Lagos

One of the best ways to grow your business and become a market leader in the 21st century is creating a website. Having a website for your business helps in a lot of ways. One, it gives you a strong online presence so that your customers can easily find you online. Also, it makes your target audience trust you more as having a website gives credibility to your business. To cap it all, having a website opens you up to more customers than can come into your office or shop at once.

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The process of taking your business online and owning your own website has become simpler and simpler over the years.

Choosing the right domain name

One of the first steps is to choose a unique domain name. Choosing the right domain name is important because it will become the identity of your venture.

These are some steps to consider when choosing your domain name:

  1. Choose the Easiest to Remember Combination
  2. Make Your Address Mobile-Friendly
  3. Add Keywords (When It Makes Sense)
  4. Go for Brandable Domain Names
  5. Clear the Legal Field Before Registering
  6. Select the Right Extension

Choosing the right registrar for domain name registration in Lagos

When you’ve chosen the perfect one for your business, you then need a domain registrar to secure your domain on the web. Choosing the right domain registrar is just as important as choosing a domian name.

You will need a domain name registrar that has your best interests at heart. This is because domain names have to be renewed periodically or you could lose it. Your domain registrar must remind you at the right time to make sure you do not lose your domain name.

The domain registrar must also be reliable and it is advisable you work with an experienced agency to get your domain registration.

Another thing to consider as a person or business is that a domain registrar that is focused on your area. For, example, it is better to choose  registrar that offers domain name registration in Lagos and the rest of Nigeria if you are in Lagos.

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TrueHost Cloud is the best for domain name registration in Lagos

TrueHost Cloud is one of the most sought-after hosting services in Lagos. This is because it offers the cheapest packages in  web hosting and domain name registration in Nigeria. TrueHost, however, is not only affordable, but it is also reliable and very easy to use.

TrueHost Cloud Nigeria focuses on providing web hosting and domain registration in Nigeria. It is very affordable and very reliable. On top of that, TrueHost is really concerned about the businesses it is working with.

Check out all TrueHost’s domain registration packages and buy yours now!

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