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How To Get Free Hosting And Domain in Nigeria in Less Than 2 Minutes

In this article, I will show you step by step on how to get free hosting and domain in Nigeria.

It is true, you need money when building a website. But there are some web hosting providers that allow you to host absolutely free.

But before we get started, I need to make something clear.

There is nothing like a free lunch. If you hear ‘free’ stuff, there is always a catch if you look for it.

So, what does it mean when you hear free web hosting in Nigeria?

Is it really free?

Well, free hosting doesn’t charge anything to host your website. But you have to pay for the domain to activate the free package.

This means that you buy a domain name and get a hosting package for free. Looking at it that is a pretty good deal considering that some companies offer expensive packages with features we offer for free.

For example:

Here at Truehost Nigeria, we offer free web hosting. All you have to do is purchase a domain name, which is really cheap by the way.

Take the domain for instance. It is the bestselling domain in Nigeria right now.

Everyone is looking for it, with over 5K registrations per day. With such numbers showing demand, some registrars are offering it at over ₦1000.

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But here at Truehost, we say why to pay more when you can get it now at ₦900. Yes, you can save at least ₦100 if you choose us as your domain registrar in Nigeria.

Once you have the domain, go ahead and get started with the free hosting plan. This way, you can start building the website of your dreams without worrying about monthly payments. And only upgrade when you need and ready to do so.

That is why I want to show you how to get free hosting and domain in Nigeria now.

Is it worth it getting free hosting in Nigeria?

This is entirely up to you now.

Depending on the level of your website and its needs, what do you think?

For example:

The free hosting plan at Truehost comes with 1GB SSD storage. It is therefore recommended for those just starting out and building a personal website.

You also get a free SSL certificate in Nigeria.

If you don’t already know, Google, the largest search engine in the world is favoring secure websites on their search results.

This means that if you want to have a fighting chance of ranking on search engines, you need an SSL certificate.

What does it do?

Well, without an SSL, your website uses the HTTP protocol to communicate with the server where the files are stored. This is considered insecure since there is no encryption to protect data transferred from unauthorized access.

With an SSL, your site will be using the HTTPS protocol, which is secure.

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How to get free hosting and domain in Nigeria now

Follow these steps to get free hosting and domain in Nigeria.

First, you need to register a domain name. This is the address people will be typing into their web browsers to access your site.

For example:

When you came here, there is a high chance you typed into your device. That is the domain name.

So, pick a name depending on the topic of your website.

For example:

If you are building a website about ladies products, your domain could be something like,,

With a name idea, let’s get started with the registration process.

domain name search in nigeria

First, type the name to the search box as shown above. By doing so, you will be able to know whether your chosen name is available or taken (registered) by someone else.


Looks like the name is available. 

So go ahead and click on BUY IT NOW.

It should bring you here.

adding free hosting in nigeria

There are two things I want you to do here:

First, go through the add-ons and tick the ones you want. 

For example:

Tick the DNS Management, it is free. Also, add ID Protection. This helps keep your identity online anonymous. We will hide your contact details to avoid scammers emailing or calling you.

Secondly, time to add free hosting.

How to get free web hosting in Nigeria

To do, go ahead and click on No Hosting! Click to Add.

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This brings you here.

free web hosting in nigeria

This is where you can the free web hosting package.

Follow the third package down and click on Order Now.

free web hosting in nigeria

That should add the package to your cart.

The next window will ask you to pick a domain name.

free hosting and domain in nigeria

Go with the first option since you had already picked a domain name.

So click on Use on your button right corner.

Your configuration window is next.

free web hosting in Nigeria

As you can see in your order summary (right sidebar), is zero ₦. Which means you now have added free hosting in Nigeria into your cart.

When you click continue, it takes you to an earlier step.

choosing domain name and hosting

But if you look closely, there is a change; it now says, ‘Has Hosting.’

Final steps to getting free hosting and domain in Nigeria.

creating account on truehost nigeria

Review items in your cart. Click the small bucket beside each item to remove it from the cart.

I know you are wondering why the costs are such. It is because we added the add-ons we mentioned earlier.

Wrapping up free hosting in Nigeria

To complete the process, scroll down and fill in everything required, which includes opening an account. Once done, click Checkout to initiate the payment.

That is how to get free hosting and domain in Nigeria.

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