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14 Home Business Ideas in Nigeria You Can Start Today

In this blog post, you will get the best home business ideas in Nigeria. Your job is not for you. It’s a means to an end. You want more than just a paycheck and your boss telling you what to do every day.

You want freedom, financial security, and the ability to control your own destiny. 

If that sounds like something you’re interested in then this article will provide 14 home business ideas for making money from home!

1). Buy products in bulk and sell them online 

The idea here is to buy products from home and sell them for a higher price on an online store or auction site. 

If you have a home, it’s time to get down with eBay! 

It might sound hard but there are many people who make living buying items in bulk looking for retail arbitrage opportunities where they can find what appears to be an item being sold at too low of a price which then allows them to resell that same product – possibly even for more money than what they paid initially.

2). Sell your own personal services 

Whether it’s tutoring students after school, fixing computers, providing childcare, baking cupcakes, or taking pictures; if you’re good at something other people will pay you top dollar (or Naira) to acquire your professional services.

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3). Sell homemade products 

This home business idea in Nigeria is more of a do-at-home thing than the others. 

If you have a home, try making your own soap and selling it to friends or online on sites like Etsy.

4). Sell items at flea markets 

Not everyone can be crafty but with patience and determination, anyone can go out with their best homemade products and sell them at local markets where people shop daily looking for deals. 

Sell homemade candles, home-baked goods, and other crafts.

5). Sell products on Amazon from Nigeria 

The newest home business ideas in Nigeria that’s taking the world by storm is selling items you no longer need or want online through third-party retailers like Amazon! 

It might sound difficult but there are many people who make a living doing this; oftentimes it requires little to no upfront capital which makes it an incredibly attractive option for those looking to start at home businesses without breaking their bank account.

6). Become a virtual assistant 

This is another one of the best home business ideas in Nigeria you can start today.

If you’re skilled with computers (or even if you aren’t) then becoming a Virtual Assistant can be an excellent home business opportunity where work from home jobs are concerned.

Many companies outsource administrative tasks in order to save money so why not offer your services as a Virtual Personal Assistant? 

You can find it online by doing a quick search for “Virtual Assistants in Nigeria” or you could even try searching on sites like Craigslist and UpWork.

7). Start an Etsy store 

If selling your own homemade products doesn’t sound appealing, start an inexpensive Etsy shop in Nigeria where you sell other people’s items instead! It might not be as fun but it does mean less work.

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Which is another one of the best home business ideas in Nigeria.

8). Sell things around the house no one wants anymore 

And I’m talking about those old books that have been sitting around collecting dust in the home basement or under the bed.

If they are taking up space then someone else out there probably wants them. 

Why not cash in on all of those old college textbooks too?

9). Start a blog in Nigeria

If home business ideas in Nigeria is what you seek then starting a blog is one of the best home business to start.

It doesn’t take much upfront capital and if done correctly it could be very profitable.

All you need is a domain name and hosting account.

10). Home Bakery 

This home business idea in Nigeria is more of a do-at-home thing than the others. 

If you have a knack for baking and decorating cakes, pies, cupcakes, etc… then sell your goods to family members or friends who will appreciate them!

11). Start Subscription Box Business

Start a subscription box business where you sell products to people who are interested in receiving them month after month!

And with such home business ideas in Nigeria, you can be earning money from home.

12). Freelance Writing 

Are you good at writing? 

If so then there is no reason why not start doing it professionally by taking on freelance jobs that pay well in Nigeria. 

To find work, simply go onto Google and do a search for your desired niche followed by “write for us” or “contribute”. 

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For example: 

Fantasy football write for us . 

13). Sell Coupons

Another great money-making idea at home in Nigeria would be selling coupons online.

This can actually turn into quite an impressive side hustle and there are a ton of ways to make money by doing it.

14). Selling on eBay  

One of the most popular home businesses in Nigeria where work from home jobs are concerned would be selling things online through sites like eBay.

If you have some unwanted clutter lying around at home then why not try flipping them for profit? 

Not only is this yet another excellent way to earn extra cash but it’s also something that can usually be done alone without much help from others, making it an even better money-making opportunity in Nigeria in my opinion.

Wrapping up home-based businesses in Nigeria

Even though this list only contains 13 home business ideas in Nigeria that is not to say there aren’t many other ways of earning money from home! 

For example;

If you know how to fix things around the house then become a TaskRabbit.

In fact, why don’t we provide an additional latest business ideas in Nigeria for those interested: 

A home business idea that I haven’t mentioned yet but should have probably included on this list would be dropshipping.

All you need is a home computer, internet connection, and sometimes then there’s no reason why someone can’t make some serious cash doing this.


If all else fails consider putting your talents, passions, or knowledge to use by writing an eBook. 

If you know how to write well enough (or with the help of online tools) publishing eBooks for sale can become another excellent money-making opportunity at home.

As long as home business ideas in Nigeria are concerned this home-based money-making opportunity in Nigeria is one of the best and requires almost no upfront capital!

Once again the possibilities here are endless but if home business ideas are what you seek this is one of the best ones out there.

Check these business ideas for women in Nigeria.

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