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Top 24 Popular Domain Names for Business in Nigeria

When you want to take your business online you will need to be deliberate about creating an online presence by creating social media accounts and designing a website. 

For you to create a website you will need a domain name for your business so your customers can easily access it. Having an easy-to-understand domain name that represents your business brand makes it even better for your customers.

Since a large percentage of people are on social media where they communicate with friends, get information and socialize, having a system to reach out to them on these platforms could increase your business. 

Furthermore, people go to search engines to seek all kinds of information, therefore, having a business website that displays it will give your business exposure. 

But it’s impossible to have a website without a domain name because people won’t be able to locate your website without a domain name. Read further to understand what a domain name is, the types of domain extensions you can use for your business, how you can choose a domain name and where to buy one for your business.

What is a domain name? 

A domain name is the identity of your website online. In the early years of the internet, but was difficult to access websites but the creation of the domain name system has made things easy.

You can just type in a name on the internet to go to a website. For Google, the domain name is, while this website’s domain name is Now, if you type these names on your browser you will be able to access the websites.

In the same way, you will need to decide on a name for your website, before searching for it on a domain name registrar to check for its availability. 

If the name you decide on is available, you can go ahead to buy the domain, if it’s not, you will have to change the name until you find one that is available.

Importantly, you need to note that your domain name needs an extension.

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What is a domain extension?

A domain extension is a suffix after the domain name in a web address. For, the extension is .com, while for, the domain extension is

A domain extension is known as a top-level domain ( TLD).

There are hundreds of domain extensions you can choose from to design a website, but for a business website, you need to select the one that’s specific to your business or at least one that will be easy for your customers to remember. 

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The next subheading will show tell you more about TLD or domain name, so you will be able to make a pre-informed and more intelligent choice of a domain name.

Popular domain names for business 

1. .com

The .com is the most popular domain name on the internet, it technically means “commercial”. Many business websites use it for their websites because it’s familiar and so people can easily remember it.

But the downside is that it may not be available for you to buy since it’s competitive, except if your business has an unpopular name then it may be available. 

2. .biz

This extension means business, it’s a cool way of saying business. You can use it for any type of business ranging from e-commerce, and small business websites to international brands. 

3. .business

 .business is also for businesses of different types, when people see the business TLD, they will naturally recognise it as a business website.

You can use it for business, consultancy, business schools and any business-related website.

4 . limited

The domain extension .limited is reserved for constrained businesses, constrained runs, and exclusive goods and services. You may also buy a .limited domain name, make a special landing page or website, and point it to your primary website if you’re doing a limited-time deal.

5. .support

The support domain extension is for websites that offer support and assistance to people. It’s perfect for companies or nonprofit organizations that offer customer support, operate a hotline, offer assistance, or respond to inquiries. Services like counselling, IT support, healthcare support, and spiritual help will all benefit from using this extension to communicate with their clients.

6. .group

The .group domain extension offers a lot of flexibility. Large organizations are not the only ones who can utilize it; little groups of friends or sports teams can also.

7. .holding

For any business or person involved in the finance sector, the .holding domain extension is one they shouldn’t overlook. Such a domain extension will give real estate or financial organizations legitimacy, and umbrella companies can use it to showcase all of their assets in one location.

8. .partner

The .partner domain extension is one of the latest domain extensions suitable for charity trusts, law and audit firms. 

9. .global

Use the domain extension .global to make the world aware of your website. This domain extension will assist you in expanding your visibility internationally and attracting new clients. This extension will enable you to be global, regardless of where you are on the earth or what sector your company operates in.

10. .consulting

One of the greatest domain extensions for consultants and consulting companies looking to establish an online consultation area is consulting.  Send a clear message to your prospective clients about where they may receive a qualified help with your website with this useful TLD. 

11. .Inc

Anyone can register a .inc domain name, but corporations are the most likely candidates. “.inc” will make it evident that your company complies with all pertinent regulations on companies as it is a well-recognized and trusted corporate identification.

12. .ceo

.ceo is for the bosses, if you are a CEO and want to have an authority website that displays your expertise and experience to people then this domain extension is for you.

It gives your website a uniqueness and a brand that can be easily recognised so you will be able to promote your business and share your ideas with the world.

13. .management

What more appropriate domain suffix for managers than .management? Software managers, technical managers, bar managers, account management firms, retail managers, consultants, financial planners, or recruitment services can use the domain extension.

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14. .Ng

The .Ng domain extension is a country code top-level domain ( ccTLD) that you can use to identify your website with Nigeria. If anyone sees your website address having a .Ng extension your website will automatically be identified with Nigeria.

Both local and international businesses & individuals use this domain extension for their websites. The domain extension helps with local SEO because when a search is made by people in Nigeria your website will be given more preference to other domain extensions in ranking.

Some international brands like Shopify and Samsung use the .Ng domain extension.


This is a second-level domain (SLD) for Nigeria on the internet. Just like the .Ng domain extension also helps with local SEO in Nigeria. 

Many businesses and individuals are using this domain extension for their websites that are targeted towards the Nigerian audience.

16. .industries

Construction, automotive, fashion, beauty, marketing, cookery, hospitality, technology, and other industries can all benefit from the .industries domain extension. Create a memorable and instantly recognizable domain name on the Internet by adding your company name to the .industries domain extension.

17. .net

.net technically stands for “network” for network-type businesses like internet service providers.  In the early days of the internet, when people couldn’t find a .com extension for their domain, their preferable alternative was the .net TLD.

Tech companies and networking businesses can use this extension to build an identifiable presence online.

18. .ventures

.ventures is a new domain extension for start-up businesses that wish to promote new company ideas, build an online presence, and pitch concepts to venture capitalists. This TLD, which is simple to remember, provides a special opportunity to market your ideas and draw investors.

19. .repair

All small and medium-sized businesses, including those in plumbing, engineering, sewing, carpentry, mechanics, etc., should use the .repair domain extension. Now, those looking for solutions to fix things will be able to locate your website. 

20.  .associate

A generic domain extension without any registration limitations is .associates. It is designed for partnerships, businesses that already use the word “associates” in their name, legal firms, accounting firms, and other organizations. You’re going to get a really polished domain name with this domain extension

21. .solutions

If your company provides any form of service, SOLUTIONS is the ideal TLD for you. Does your website provide explanations, answers to questions, or solutions to problems? 

A .solution domain name registration will be advantageous for FAQs, help pages, support websites, and online tutorials, among other things. However, there are also small businesses that offer assistance that can use the .solutions TLD etc.

22.  .services

.services is a domain extension designed for companies, people, and independent contractors who want to advertise their products and services. Any industry can use it, including the beauty, automobile, pet grooming, and hospitality sectors. This adaptable and unambiguous domain extension will draw visitors by making it apparent what your company does.

23. .salon

The domain extension you need to establish your salon’s web presence is .salon.The beauty sector is enormous and includes beauty shops, hair salons, nail bars, and spas. Regardless of how big or small your company is, this extension will identify your website so that clients can easily find the goods and services you offer.

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24. .international

This global domain will highlight your brand’s global presence and increase brand visibility. The .international domain is a great domain extension because it’s flexible and relevant for lots of businesses and individuals. 

How to choose a domain name for your business

When you decide to buy a domain name, there are things you are supposed to put in place to make the process seamless.

1. Think of at least 2 business domain names

When choosing a domain name, you should scribble down at least two names that you want to use. If you already have a business, then consider using the same name for your domain name.

If your domain name has been taken already, then you will need to add a suffix to your business website or a different domain extension if you insist on using the same name.

But if you are just starting a business and have not yet registered it, you can think of and write more than 1 domain in case your first choice of the domain name is not available.

2. Add specific keywords

When thinking of a domain name, you need to consider the Keywords that represent your business. 

Apart from your business name, can you add a keyword or if your first choice domain name is not available, which keyword can you use in the domain name that will not be ambiguous for your potential customers to recognise your business purpose?

3. Make it simple

Some people may be tempted to think that having big words in the domain name will make the business to have a better representation; that’s far from the truth.

Your business domain name should be something people can easily remember so they will be able to type it with ease on their browsers to access your website.

4. Consider the available extension

This post has attempted to give you clarity on the business domain extensions available and what they represent. Therefore, use the knowledge to know the one that is suitable for your business.

For example, If you are starting a consulting business, then you should consider using the .consulting domain extension or if you want to start an e-commerce website targeted at Nigerians then you should use the .Ng or domain extension.

5. Go to a domain registrar

After making your choice of website names, the next thing you are to do is check for the availability of your chosen domain names. When you go to the registrar, you will just input the name and search

There are lots of places to check for the availability of your website on the internet, but the common platforms are web hosting platforms. Check the availability of your domain here.

6. Buy your domain name 

When you discover the domain name you want to use is available, the next thing is to buy the domain extension. The price of the domain extension varies depending on your choice.  

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Where to buy your business domain name

True host domain extension prices

You can buy your domain at Truehost Nigeria at affordable prices.

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Truehost business domain extensions and prices

Truehost business domain extensions and price

Truehost popular domain extensions and prices

Truehost popular domain extensions and price

Truehost services domain extensions and prices

Truehost services domain extensions and price

Truehost shopping domain extensions and prices

Truehost shopping domain extensions and price

The prices at Truehost are one of the cheapest you can find on the internet. Do well to buy your preferred domain extension here.

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These are some of the best domain names you can use for your business website. The .com TLD still remains the most popular and familiar domain extension so it is advisable that you use it for your business website.

However, since it is competitive, the likelihood of its availability is slim; that’s the only downside to it. But if you want your website to have more specificity then you have lots of options to pick from as discussed above.

Check for the availability of your business website domain here.

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