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7 Key differences between Qservers Vs WhoGoHost

Even though Qservers and WhoGoHost are both web hosting companies in Nigeria that you can use to host your website there still exist differences in their mode of operation and services. 

Web Hosting companies allow you to take your business online by giving you a server you can use to host your website. Qservers and Whogohost are owned by Nigerians.

If you are at a crossroads in choosing between Qservers and WhoGoHost, then keep reading this post to find out the differences between Qservers and WhoGoHost.

Qservers Introduction

Qservers is a Nigerian hosting company that provides shared, VPS and managed dedicated server hosting to clients. Their headquarter is located at 11 Adeleke street, off Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

WhoGoHost Introduction

WhoGoHost is a Nigerian web hosting company that offers businesses and webmasters shared, cloud, email, reseller, and WordPress hosting services.

Opeyemi Amoyemi created it in 2007 to service customers of his web design business. When Toba Obaniyi joined as a partner in 2010, the ambition expanded.

They brag about serving more than 40,000 businesses and organizations.

1. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Pricing difference

Qservers shared hosting plan

Qservers shared Hosting planPriceSSD StorageBandwidthNo of websites
StarterN900 per month2 GB8 GB0
BusinessN1500 per month10 GB40 GB0
DeveloperN2,000 per month15 GB60 GB0
ProN2,900 per month20 GB80 GB0
MegaN4,000 per month30 GB120 GB0

WhoGoHost shared hosting plan

WhoGoHost shared Hosting planPriceSSD StorageBandwidthNo of websites
PremiumN1,000 per month6 GB30 GB2
ProN1,500 per month12 GB45 GB3
DeluxeN2,800 per month25 GBUnlimited5
SupremeN3,500 per monthUnlimitedUnlimited10

Qservers shared hosting plans are more expensive than that of WhoGoHost,  from the hosting pricing to the features provided Qservers provides less for a higher price.

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Qservers WordPress hosting

Qservers WordPress Hosting planPriceSSD StorageBandwidthNo of websites
WP 1N1,500 per month10 GB100 GB1
WP 2N2,500 per month25 GB150 GB1
WP 3N4,500 per month50 GB180 GB1
WP 4N8,500 per month100 GB200 GB1

WhoGoHost WordPress hosting

WhoGoHost WordPressHosting planPriceSSD StorageBandwidthNo of websites
WP beginnerN2,500 per month10 GB100 GB0
WP StandardN3,500 per month25 GBUnlimited2
WP Standard PlusN5,000 per monthUnlimitedUnlimited4

Even when you compare their WordPress hosting you will discover that WhoGoHost is also less expensive than Qservers.

The difference in price is obvious.

2. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Cloud hosting difference

Cloud hosting is a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. It is created, hosted, and provided online using a cloud computing infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. This kind of hosting is perfect for people and businesses who want more resources or control than shared hosting can provide.

WhoGoHost provides cloud hosting for clients but Qservers doesn’t provide such a service because they didn’t display it on their website

3.Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Migration difference

When you purchase a hosting package from WhoGoHost, they also provide free migration from other platforms to their platform. You will need to fill out a form with the necessary information to authorize the immigration procedure in order for the migration to happen.

You will need to point your domain to their servers after the transfer, as well as make sure you have control over it and make plans for DNS propagation to guarantee you don’t lose any data in the process.

While Qservers on the other perform domain migration in two ways if you meet stated requirements on their website.

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Method 1

If your old host is using a Cpanel control panel, you will give them your Cpanel settings and they will automatically backup your site and transfer it to your new hosting package. All emails your accounts and email content will be transferred also.

Method 2

You can download your files from your old host, and then upload them again onto your new package. (Email accounts will be newly created. No email account content will be transferred).

4. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Backups difference

Qservers offer different backup services 

  1. Backup restoration service for restoration of terminated hosting accounts from backup servers for N10,000 only.
  2. CPremote License for Cpanel backup plugin, backup and restore files from any remote location

While WhoGoHost doesn’t guarantee backup when you buy their hosting plans, however, they use Codeguard to provide backup services.

With the help of  trustworthy Codeguard company, you can easily recover your website’s files while also keeping them safe.

The monthly fee for the backup service varies depending on the size; for example, 1 GB costs N1,700, 5 GB costs N2,900, 10 GB costs N5,000, 25 GB costs N10,00, 50 GB costs N15,000, 100 GB costs N25,000, and 200 GB costs N40,000.

Any of the aforementioned plans will automatically back up your website files every day, allow you to restore your data with a single click, and update your WordPress CMS and its plugins.

4. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Website design difference

Whogohost don’t only provide web hosting services to the customers they also provide website design services.

Their website design services start from N100, 000 giving you an easy-to-use content management system,  mobile responsive website, social media integration, a maximum of 7 pages and full features user guide. 

But Qservers don’t provide website design services at the time of writing this post.

5. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Customer Support difference

Qservers web hosting provides form, live chat and phone for customers to contact them while WhoGoHost provides live chat, WhatsApp, Calls and tickets for their customers.

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The only difference is the WhatsApp option that’s available on WhoGoHost and not available on Qservers. And the live chat icon is on the WhoGoHost website but not on Qservers. You will have to click on Live Chat on the customer support page.

Customers review on the “response time” on both platforms, some praise the customer support team for their prompt response while others complained bitterly.

6. Qserver Vs WhoGohost: Payment option difference

Qservers accept payments online using ATM cards through GTP or Paystack.

You also can make a bank-to-bank account transfer through your bank app or internet banking app to their bank account displayed on their website. However, third-party transfers POS agents, mobile money apps, and USSD codes are not accepted.

Once you have made your payment you are to send the details of your payments such as the depositor’s name, account name, slip number, date of payment, the amount paid and domain name you paid for to [email protected].

Paystack, Flutterwave, PayPal, Paystack, and Klump are the available payment options on WhoGoHost. You can pay using your debit card, a bank transfer, internet banking, or USSD while using Flutterwave.

While individuals accept payments made using credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB Diners Club, and EnRoute.

Finally, Klump enables you to use your debit card to make payments using the Klump payment option. You can finish the purchase, pay 25% right now, and spread the remaining 75% over three months.

The two hosting plans have more than one payment option but WhoGoHost has more payment options than Qservers.

Qserver Vs WhoGohost: SEO tool difference

SEO meaning search engine optimization is a practice that should be done by every website owner to enable their website at the top on Search engine result pages.

WhoGoHost provides tools that will enable your website to rank on Google. The name of the website is called MarketGoo. 

The tool has two plans, MarketGoo SEO Tool Lite which costs N5,000 per month and the second MarketGoo SEO Tool Pro plan which costs N15,000 per month.

While Qservers doesn’t provide SEO services nor have a tool that does that as of the time of writing this post.

Qservers and WhoGoHost alternative

Truehost shared hosting plan

Qservers and WhoGoHost are not the only Hosting service you can patronise in Nigeria, there are hosting companies like Truehost that provides affordable and reliable hosting services to clients in Nigeria and beyond.

Truehost is a web hosting company in Nigeria that offers shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, windows, cloud, and WordPress hosting services.

Truehost’s shared hosting plans start at N500 per month and include 30 GB of SSD storage, unrestricted bandwidth, unrestricted email accounts, and space for up to three websites.

When compared with Qservers’ shared hosting plan that starts at N900 per month and WhoGoHost at N1,000 per month, it is obvious that Truehost offers more services at a  cheaper rate.

Visit Truehost to find out more.


Qservers and WhoGoHost offer about the same services except cloud hosting, most of their difference is in their mode of operation.

The major difference has already been explained in this post. If you can look for a good hosting company to host your website at an affordable price, visit Truehost.

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