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5 Amazing Benefits of SSL Certificate To Your Website

ssl certificate bemefits

In this article, we are exploring the various SSL certificate benefits to your website. We will be exploring what SSL certificates are, how they work and why your business needs them. We will also expose how you can get an SSL certificate for your website without stress or exorbitant fees.

If you are reading this, you most likely have a website and you are want to understand what an SSL certificate is and what benefits they have to your website and business at large. We have written this article to answer your questions and offer solutions as to how to get SSL for your website. Let’s get into it.

ssl certificate benefits

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is an internet security protocol that is based on encryption. It is used to ensure data privacy and integrity as well as authentication when internet users communicate. SSL serves as the standard protocol that is used to establish safe and secure communication and connection between clients and servers over the internet.

An SSL Certificate, however, is a bit of code in a text file, contained encrypted data that is placed on your website server. This certificate facilitates security for communications on the internet by creating an encrypted (secure) between the web browser of your website users and your web server. It is the SSL certificate that establishes a secure connection between web and mail servers and users of a website or email user respectively.

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In short, an SSL certificate makes sure there is no loss or theft of data when a visitor is using your website. It makes sure the connection of each user to your web servers is safe from cyber-attacks and the likes.

So in what ways does an SSL certificate benefit your website? Let’s get into it.

Benefits of an SSL certificate To Your Website

Asides from the obvious fact that an SSL certificate secures your website, there are many other benefits you stand to gain. In this section, we will explore each of them.

1. Up-to-date security

The number one benefit of an SSL certificate to your website is security. When users interact with your website or customers purchase items on your business website, they consciously and subconsciously share important information with your website servers. This is information they have entrusted with you and you cannot afford this information to be compromised.

SSL certificates ensure that the information shared between your website and your user is encrypted so that it can not be accessed or understood by third parties. This encryption is very important as this data and information pass through several computers and servers before reaching the destination server. If you don’t have an SSL certificate in place, these servers and computers can access your customers’ important information like credit card numbers, usernames, or passwords. When your website has an SSL certificate, these computers will not be able to access your connection, thereby protecting you from hackers.

Although hackers keep advancing their cyberattacks, having an SSL certificate will give you up-to-date security against them. In fact, an SSL certificate is a proactive strategy to protect your websites and customers.

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2. Better search engine rankings and SEO

As we have mentioned earlier, SSL certificates encrypt the connection between your web server and your users. It also secures their data and other vital information on your website. Inherently, a website with an SSL certificate is secure from cyber attacks while others are not.

In August 2014, Google announced that they give preference to websites with SSL certificates than other websites in its search ranking. This means that if two web pages have equal relevance and content, Google will rank the website with an SSL certificate over the one that doesn’t have SSL. This is a part of Google’s effort to make sure the web is more secure.

So, in order to make your website easily found by Google search, it is important that your website is secure. This simple act of adding an SSL certificate to your website will make your SEO strategy yield better rewards.

3. Boost your website’s credibility


Every browser and search engine nowadays do their best to protect their users from internet insecurity. To do this, they have ways of signaling to users that the website they are about to visit is insecure. The most common is the green padlock or bar which signals a secure website and a red padlock or signs telling users that their connection to a website is insecure.

A user can easily trust your business when they see the green signs than the red ones. Imagine a user visits your website and a pop-up saying not-secure appears. Most users are using their exit buttons immediately. However, a secure website instills trust that your website and business are credible. It is to your advantage to create a secure environment for your customers to interact with you.

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4. Accept Online Payments

For businesses that accept online card payments, you must fulfill the PCI/DSS requirements. Only websites that are considered PCI/DSS compliant are allowed to accept card payments. One of the major requirements of the PCI/DSS regulation is having an SSL certificate. That is to say, only websites with SSL can accept online payment via the website.

5. Authentication

Asides from its major function of encryption, SSL certificates also provide authentication for your website. The application of this is in sending information to servers, the SSL certificate ensures the information is going to the right quarters. This is important to protect from phishing and websites pretending to be yours. When users see the green lock, they will be able to authenticate that they are using the right website.

How To Get an SSL certificate for Your Website

Now that we understand how an SSL certificate benefits your website, it is important you get one for your website immediately.

While SSL certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities, it is sold by most domain registration and web hosting companies. These companies sell SSL certificates along with their usual hosting packages.

Truehost Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s top domain registrar and web hosts in Nigeria. Truehost offers domain registration, web hosting, and SSL certificates to websites and businesses. Our company is well known for affordable packages and excellent service. We are very passionate about helping websites to be secure from hackers and cyber criminals.

Get your SSL Certificate for your website here now.

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