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SSL Certificates in Nigeria

SSL Certificates in Nigeria

These are the three most popular SSL certificates in Nigeria in 2022. They are also the cheapest SSL certificates you can buy in Nigeria and globally in 2020.

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What are the differences among the three SSL Certificates..?

What is a Single Domain SSL Certificate (AskSSL Starter SSL)

Single Domain Name SSL Certificate can secure a maximum of one website address that is and only.

It is meant for a simple websites and for securing the main domain name only, cannot be used to secure additional subdomain names – just one web address.

What is a Wildcard Domain SSL Certificate

This is a special type of SSL Certificate that secures a single domain and all its subdomains.

It secures and,,,

It can secure unlimited number of domain names.

What is a Multi domain name SSL..?

Refers to a special SSL certificate that secures multiple domain names with the same SSL certificate. Imagine if you own 5 domain names and you secure them with just 1 SSL Certificate. – that is SSL Certificate that can secure more than 1 domain name is called a multi domain name SSL.

For example one SSL certificate that can secure,,,

Note: Multi domain name SSL Certificate come with 2 SAN by default – that is a new Multi Domain SSL Certificate can secure up to 3 domain names.

To secure additional domain names, you need to buy extra SANs.

Sans are usually cheaper that a single domain name SSL and therefore it is economical to buy extra SANs for your Multi domain name SSL Certificate.


What is a SSL Certificate..?

SSL Certificate is a set of keys issued by Trusted Certification Authority (CA) to secure communication through encryption between a server and a browser, a server and a server, app or any other interfaces.

What is a CA..?

CA refers to Certification Authority. Certification Authority are registered, mandated and regulated to provide SSL Certificates and other web security solutions by the various internet bodies that basically govern the internet.

List of Top of Trusted SSL Certificates CAs.

  • Sectigo (formerly Comodo)
  • DigiCert
  • Global Sign
  • Thawte CA
  • GeoTrust CA
  • Datacard Entrust
  • Certum CA
  • RapidSSL

What is the Most Popular SSL Certificate..?

Sectigo Positive SSL Certificate (formerly Comodo SSL Certificate)

This a single domain SSL Certificate that can secure email communication and websites. It can only secure one domain or URL. It comes with a $10,000 warranty. Sectigo Positive SSL Certificate is available for N 2400 at Truehost Cloud Nigeria and even much cheaper at

What is the cheapest SSL Certificate in Nigeria?

AskSSL starter is the cheapest SSL Certificate in Nigeria. AskSSL Starter goes for just N1500 per year.

AskSSL starter is a single domain SSL certificate issued by Sectigo (formerly Comodo) in partnership with and GoGetSSL

This is the cheapest SSL Certificate anyone can buy anywhere in the World. Secure your Website by purchasing the cheapest SSL Certificate in Nigeria.

Note this SSL certificate is N1000 cheaper than Whogohost SSL Certificate.

Save N1000 with AskSSL Starter SSL Certificate.

If any question about the SSL Certificate write to us at [email protected] or Whatsapp: +1 972 674 3814

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