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What You Should Know About Testssl

Do you have any idea of what a testssl is? Well, in this post we’ll discuss more on it.

Technology has come to build bridges. Websites, ecommerce platforms, businesses, and more have finally got a wide reach.

A while ago it took time, cost more to have a site and a business running. These days you can start the two without any cash.

Thanks also to technology that one can reach out to anyone in any continent. Sales can be done online and many more transactions. It has eased the burden, saved costs, and helped everyone to establish.

The future is online, systems, jobs, and many more. Online however poses threats and vulnerabilities which malicious people can exploit.

Security is a major concern, everyday millions are incurred due to security breaches. Websites need to be secured and safety measures. 

Data security has been a major issue with online systems and devices. Malicious people have found new ways of exploiting vulnerabilities. 

When a security vulnerability is exploited people can lose data, it can be altered or access to it can be denied. Malicious people have always found ways to do this.

Threats should always be handled; one needs to have security measures. Addressing security is huge doesn’t just involve one process.

However, security should start with us; we are the weakest link to security threats. Well, let’s talk about Testssl.

What is a testssl?

It’s a free tool that helps one check the security validation of a TLS/SSL server’s service on any port. This means that it checks on your secure validation of the security protocols used.

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Simply one just uses it to check the security of their sites.

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL)on the other hand is a security protocol that allows secure data transmission. Make sure that third parties don’t access the data.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a cryptographic protocol that enables secure communications and transit of data.

Features of Testssl

  • Simple results- it’s easier to tell whether your test yields good or bad results.
  • Supports a variety of operating systems- you don’t have to be worried about being compatible with your operating system.
  • Flexibility- one can test any SSL/TLS enabled and STARTTLS service.
  • Freedom- it’s open source means you can change the code, and many other things.
  • Privacy- no one else has access to the results but you.
  • Reliability- the software works well and delivers.
  • And more.


  • Security assessment
  • Web application analysis
  • Software testing

The testssl alternatives


It’s a tool that tests the TLS/SSL configurations, versions of SSL, TLS, and any extensions of these protocols.

One can also use it to perform a security audit or penetration testing. This program is written in Python, shell script.


  • Information gathering
  • Security assessment
  • System hardening
  • Web application analysis


It’s a tool for testing SSL/TLS clients for man-in-the-middle attacks. Useful when testing anything that operates and communicating over SSL/TLS over TCP.

It is written in Python.


  • Security assessment
  • Software testing


A2SV means Auto Scanning to SSL Vulnerability, a security tool for vulnerability checks.

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It’s a python open-source tool that helps one check SSL vulnerabilities including CCS injection, HeartBleed, and more.


  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Vulnerability testing


It is an open-source security auditing tool that helps one to scan a system and its security defenses. One can then decide whether to harden the system.


  • IT audit
  • Penetration testing
  • Security assessment
  • System hardening
  • Vulnerability scanning

There also others like:

  • OpenSCAP
  • Tlsenum
  • Cloud Security Suite (CS Suite)
  • CloudSploit scans
  • Kube-Bench
  • And more.

Online systems need protection. Such measures are patching and constant maintenance of systems. A testssl is an essential tool to check on your security.


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