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Top 7 Bulk Email Service Providers in Nigeria

bulk email service providers in nigeria

In this article, we highlight the top bulk email service providers in Nigeria as we discuss the uses and importance of their email services to businesses in Nigeria.

To create this list of the top-performing bulk email service providers in Nigeria, we have taken time to analyze the companies providing bulk email services to business owners and professionals across the country. We have done this because we believe it will help you on your journey to find a bulk email service provider for yourself.

At the end of this article, you will be able to decide which of the bulk email service providers in Nigeria is best for you. Let’s dive in.

What is Email

Email, which is short for electronic mail, is a method of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. Emails started gaining popularity in the 1960s when it entered limited use.

Over the years, emails have become a major means of communication. While the spectrum of its use pervades every section of human communication, the bulk of email’s use has been in official communications.

To capture the large userbase of email, the world’s biggest companies from Google to Microsoft offer free email services for their users. Google’s email service is very important and is key to using Google’s other services. Google also offers advanced email packages and services in its GSuite.

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What is a bulk email service provider?

A bulk email service is basically a service that allows business owners and their other customers to send email messages to multiple lists of recipients at the same time. A bulk email service is simply put works like a broadcast message but for emails and mostly allows more recipients. Some email service providers sell contact lists to their customers. While that method is not advised by expert marketers, it can help to generate some initial traffic.

The Top Bulk Email Service Providers In Nigeria

These are the top bulk email service providers below.

1. SendPulse

SendPulse is a leader in the email services space in Nigeria. They have been offering their services to businesses looking to get into email marketing for several years now. Though they are not essentially a Nigerian company, they are well known in the Nigerian marketing and business space.

SendPulse offers you the ability to manage 500 emails for just ₦27,744 a year. You can also manage between ten thousand and twelve thousand subscribers for ₦211,680 a year.  SendPulse also offers a pay-as-you-go service that allows you to pay ₦0.96 per mail for a year as far as you have less than 10,000 subscribers. To finish off, SendPulse also has a VIP section that allows you to choose custom services and email templates.

They also offer other services asides from email marketing, they also offer SMS marketing services as well as chatbots for Facebook and Telegram.

2. Web Xion

WebXion, like SendPulse above, is not a Nigerian based company but they have a functioning outpost in Nigeria that handles their Nigerian customers. They have been offering email marketing services since 2009 and has since worked with some of the top brands in Nigeria.

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High-Speed Instant Delivery, credit-based plans, and an easy-to-use interface and experience are some of WebXion promises. However, WebXion’s services are custom, they do not offer standard plans. Therefore businesses looking to work with them must contact them for a custom quote.

Asides from being a bulk email provider, they also offer Bulk SMS Services, Bulk Voice Call Services, Miss Call Services, Cloud IVR Service, and Live Chat for websites.

3. SendMass

SendMass is another company that is considered one of the top bulk email service providers in Nigeria that is not based in the country.  One thing that made SendMass very popular is its easy to use interface and its cheap plans.

SendMass offers you the opportunity to send up to 100,000 emails at $25 on its Lite plan. While its Premium plan, allows you to send up to 1,000,000 emails for just $65 a month.

SendMass promises high delivery rates, flexible plans and smooth email marketing automation across all its plans.

4.  SendApp

SendApp boasts of itself as the best drag and drop email builder in Nigeria. The bulk email service provider offers a mass text messaging and SMS marketing API that can be very instrumental to businesses and professionals.

SendApp’s most basic plan is free and allows you manage up to 100 Contacts. The Basic plan goes for 3,000 for 500 contacts. To manage up to 10,000 contacts, you’d have to go for the Standard pkan which charges 14650.00 monthly. Their largest plan, Premium allows up to 80,000 for 108000.00 monthly.

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SendApp is a product of KcySoft Communication., a Nigerian software company.

5. AngelBulk

AngelBulk’s primary product is Angelbulk SMS which is primarily a bulk SMS service that is now very popular in Nigeria. With their email service, they assist business owners to harness Nigerian Email Address Lists across various demographics, profession and location.

Angel’s services are based on a pay-as-you-go model. This means you only pay for each mail you send as opposed to a subscription plan. Angel bulk offers 4 plans: Starter, Personal, General and Business. These plans are based on number of emails as well as resources and integrations. The Starter plan is for businesses with less than 5,000 email contacts and they go for ₦2.00 per Email. The Personal plan allows 5,000 – 20,000 email recipients and they cost ₦1.50 per Email.

In its General plan, AngelBulk offers extra services like proofreading and professional email writing and allows 20,000 – 49,999 emails for ₦1.00 per Email. The biggest plan, Business offers everything in the general plan as well as social media integration, Landing Page,  sign up pages and allows 50,000 mails and above for ₦0.80 per Email.


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Truehost Nigeria has enough services and offerings to cover all your email needs, all for prices that are easily the best in the market.

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