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Revealed: How Nigerian YouTubers Get Paid

How does youtube pay in nigeria? If you are seeking answers, you are in the right place.

Do you remember when youtube was all about memorizing a trip to the game park? Did you ever think that the site would grow to enable people to make money? 

Well, I didn’t.

As of now, many people are making money by uploading videos to the youtube platform, and others viewing them for free. 

The actual average pay for a youtube channel with 1,000 ad views in Nigeria is somewhere around  $8. This, however, usually varies.

The highest-paid Nigerian YouTuber is Flo Chinyere with approximately 42 million views. 

In this blog post, I will dig deeper into how Nigerian Youtubers get paid through the following ways:

Step #1: Build your Audience’s Loyalty

How Nigerian YouTubers Get Paid

Your audience is made up of different viewers. 

Firstly, you have new viewers. These are people who are discovering you and your channel for the very first time. People who have not watched you before.

Then, you have casual viewers. These are viewers who might watch one or two of your videos and either don’t return at all or they do but fairly infrequently.

Then lastly, you have returning viewers. These are people who watch you regularly and are available to view every new upload you make.

To build a loyal audience, you have to attract new viewers by experimenting with new topics or formats. 

You will also need to retain the viewers you already have by thinking about what videos brought them into your channel in the first place. And also, what videos would bring them back to watch more.

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Making a series is an effective way to drive viewer loyalty. This happens by delivering consistent value in your videos rather than chasing short-term trends. 

Step #2: Monetization of your youtube channel

How Nigerian YouTubers Get Paid

In this section, I will highlight the minimum eligibility requirements for you to get paid. 

These are:

Firstly, you should have more than 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months. This means that youtube only takes into consideration the last 365 days/12 months when it comes to your watch hours. This is to be put in review by youtube to get monetized

Then, you should have more than 1,000 subscribers.

Lastly, you should have a linked Adsense account. This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways in which Nigerian Youtubers get paid.

It can take time to get monetized and if you are passionate about it, it will be worth it.

Step #3: Get paid through Google AdSense

Here, you will be required to link your Google AdSense account  to your youtube channel to get monetization.

For you to get paid by Google AdSense, there are four important action items you need to complete. 

They include:

  • Providing your tax information – Submit your tax information to Google –Submit your tax information to Google – Google AdSense Help. This is applicable in Nigeria. Therefore, you must get taxed from the total earnings of AdSense. Tax form collection will guide you through the process when you are reviewing your profile page in your account. 
  • Providing your personal informationRequest a replacement PIN – Google AdSense Help. Here you are required to confirm your payee name, address, pin, and identity verification. To verify that your address is correct, google AdSense will mail you a personal identification number. 
  • This happens when your earnings have reached the verification threshold.
  • Selecting your method of payment – In Nigeria, you can receive payment from either electronic fund transfer (EFT) or wire transfer methods. EFT may take 4 to 10 days to receive payment in your bank account while Wire transfers can take up to 15 days.
  • Meeting the payment threshold – This is the level that your account must reach before you get paid. The processing period takes about 21 days so long as your account remains compliant with the policies of Google AdSense.
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Keep in mind that the AdSense payment cycle is monthly.

For further assistance on google AdSense, click the link: Google AdSense Help 

Step #4: Attract Corporate Sponsors and Brand deals to Advertise on youtube

How Nigerian YouTubers Get Paid

To attract brand deals and get money from corporations to sponsor your content on youtube, you will need to:

  • Produce Great Work – By producing a lot of consistent great content, many people will automatically find you. Therefore, before you go out to reach out to brands, take time in creating great content on youtube to stand out and get noticed.
  • Have a Clear Mission – Many people would want to know what you stand for and who they are investing in. 

So, you will need to have an inspirational aspirational mission that is clearly defined to attract brands and sponsors.

  • Have a Defined Target Audience – You need to ensure that your audience matches up with the audience of a brand that you are working with.  For example; if you have a target audience of entrepreneurs, the brands who want to hire you are the ones with a similar audience overlaying with you. It starts with thinking about who you want to reach or who you want to relate to the most. So, be sure to pick the right combination of people as your target audience. Then, as you build your reputation with more experience and more content, you will automatically build-out.
  • Work With Other Brands – What a brand wants to see is that they are not the first brand. Like, they want to see that you have done other deals with other corporate sponsors other than brands.
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Therefore, being able to say that you have worked with a brand, especially if they have a bigger name, helps you get other new deals.

Always try your best to push for deals where you are the expert because that is how Nigerian Youtubers get paid.

This means you will guide the process because you know how it works for your target audience. 

Step #5: Make Money on YouTube From Merchandise Sales

Make Money on YouTube From Merchandise Sales

Selling merchandise is one of the huge revenue streams across the globe. Many YouTubers in Nigeria get paid millions for selling merchandise.

Selling a product that is highly in demand is what earns you revenue.

You need to have an online merch store to sell your products. For example Redbubble or Etsy among other platforms.

The link can be shared on your youtube videos and it’s going to take your viewer directly to your merch store.

If you are a fashion designer, a shoemaker, or even a bag maker then, online merch is the best platform to sell and that is how Nigerian Youtubers get paid.

Step #6: Get Paid Through Fan Funding

Get Paid Through Fan Funding

Fan funding is another way how Nigerian Youtubers get paid.

 If you are at the beginning of your big business journey, with no leads, no contracts, and no profits, then, fun funding will prove to be a huge breakthrough.

Youtube allows viewers to make voluntary payments to you for simply uploading videos to your youtube channel.

How sweet is that?

You will need to consistently upload great videos so that you can single-handedly use this to support your creative activity on youtube.

 However, this will call for you to have many subscribers to get paid as a Nigerian Youtuber. 


If you are one with great ambition to create good content to upload, well, you have stumbled across the right post.

 With the mentioned guidelines, you will engage practically on how Nigerian Youtubers get paid. Just start small and soon, you will win big.

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