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How To Buy Domain Name From Namecheap In Nigeria?

Last updated on December 1st, 2023 at 06:02 am

Domain names and web hosting are essential components for establishing an online presence. A domain name serves as the address that users type into their browsers to access a website, while web hosting provides the storage space for a website’s files. They are distinct but interconnected services that work together to make websites accessible on the internet.

Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar that offers domain registration services. It provides users with the ability to search for and register domain names, along with additional features such as domain privacy protection and easy domain management.

Reasons to use Namecheap over other options include its competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, reliable customer support, and additional services such as web hosting, email hosting, and SSL certificates. Namecheap is also known for its transparent pricing and commitment to customer privacy and security.

Overall, Namecheap is a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to register domain names due to its comprehensive services, affordable pricing, and reputation for customer satisfaction.

Making Payments from Nigeria

Namecheap is a popular domain registrar that accepts various payment methods for domain registration and web hosting services. In Nigeria, making payments to Namecheap can be done using the following methods:

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1. International Credit/Debit Cards

Namecheap accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Nigerian banks may support international transactions using these cards, making it easier to make payments to Namecheap.

2. Bank Wire Transfer Options

Although bank wire transfers may not be the most convenient option for Nigerian customers, Namecheap does offer this payment method for those who prefer it.

3. Working with Third-Party Payment Gateways

If you’re struggling to find a convenient payment method, you can consider using third-party payment gateways like EverTry dollar card. This solution allows you to make international payments with ease, even if your Nigerian bank no longer supports the naira card for international transactions.

Registering Your Domain

Registering a domain involves checking domain availability, selecting domain extensions, adding hosting and other services, and completing the domain purchase. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register your domain using Namecheap as a domain registrar:

1. Checking Domain Availability

Before registering a domain, it’s crucial to check if the desired domain is available. You can use domain registrars like Namecheap, GoDaddy, or to search for domain availability.

2. Selecting Domain Extensions

If your desired domain is taken, you can choose alternative extensions such as .net, .org, or other top-level domains (TLDs) available at the registrar.

3. Adding Hosting and Other Services

Some domain registrars offer additional services such as web hosting, SSL certificates, and domain privacy protection. You can add these services during the registration process or after completing the purchase.

4. Completing Domain Purchase

Once you have selected the desired domain and extension, provide the necessary information and complete the payment process. This will make you the official owner of the domain.

For more detailed instructions on registering a domain with Namecheap, you can refer to Namecheap’s knowledge base articles. For other domain registrars like GoDaddy and, you can refer to their respective guides on registering a domain  

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Managing Domain Settings

To manage domain settings, including nameservers for web hosting, configuring email forwarding, enabling auto-renewal for domains, and managing privacy protection, you can use the following steps:

1. Setting Nameservers for Web Hosting

a). Log in to your domain registrar’s account.

b). Locate the domain you want to manage and access its settings.

c). Update the nameservers provided by your web hosting provider to connect your domain to your hosting service.

2. Configuring Email Forwarding

a). Access your domain settings through your registrar’s account.

b). Look for the email forwarding or email settings section.

c). Set up email forwarding to redirect emails sent to your domain to another email address.

3. Enabling Auto-Renewal for Domains

a). Navigate to the domain management section in your registrar’s account.

b). Find the auto-renewal option for your domain and enable it to ensure your domain doesn’t expire unintentionally.

4. Managing Privacy Protection

a). In your domain settings, locate the privacy protection or WHOIS privacy section.

b). Enable or disable privacy protection based on your preferences to protect your personal information associated with the domain.

Using Namecheap Accounts

To use your Namecheap account effectively, you can follow these steps:

1. Creating and Logging into Your Account

a). To create a Namecheap account, visit the sign-up page on the Namecheap website and fill out the required information, including your username, password, first and last name.

b). Once your account is created, you can log in using your username and password.

2. Updating Personal Details

a). After logging in, you can update your personal details by accessing your account profile. This allows you to manage your contact information, address, and other personal details associated with your account.

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3. Reviewing Account History/Invoices/Receipts

a). Within your Namecheap account, you can access your account history, invoices, and receipts to review past transactions and payments. This information is typically available in the billing or account management section of your Namecheap account.

4. Adding Funds to Your Namecheap Account

a). If you need to add funds to your Namecheap account, you can do so using various payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrency. Detailed instructions for adding funds are available on the Namecheap website.

5. Managing Multiple Domains Efficiently

a). If you have multiple domains in your Namecheap account, you can efficiently manage them by signing into your account, selecting the Domain List, and checking the management options available for each domain.

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Getting Support as a Nigerian Customer

As a Nigerian customer, you can access Namecheap’s services and support using various payment methods and alternative solutions. Here’s a summary of the available options and best practices:

1. Namecheap Support Options

Namecheap offers customer support through various channels, including live chat, a ticketing system, and a knowledge base. You can reach out to Namecheap’s support team for assistance with account verification, payment issues, and general inquiries.

2. Getting Verification as a Nigerian Resident

When creating a Namecheap account, ensure that you provide accurate personal details, including your name and contact information. This information may be used for verification purposes and official correspondence with Namecheap.

3. Communication Methods and Best Practices

For communication with Namecheap’s support team, it’s advisable to provide clear and detailed information about your inquiries or issues. When using live chat or submitting a ticket, be prepared to provide relevant details to facilitate efficient assistance.

4. Payment Methods and Alternatives

Due to restrictions on Nigerian debit and credit cards for international transactions, consider using alternative payment methods such as dollar virtual cards or third-party payment gateways to make payments for Namecheap services.

5. Navigating Payment Challenges

If you encounter challenges with payment due to restrictions on Nigerian cards, consider exploring alternative payment solutions such as the EverTry dollar card, which can facilitate international transactions with ease.

By leveraging these options and best practices, Nigerian customers can effectively access Namecheap’s services, navigate payment challenges, and seek support when needed.

For more detailed information and specific guidance on using Namecheap’s services as a Nigerian customer, you can refer to the resources provided by Namecheap.

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