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Top Email Marketing Companies in Nigeria

email marketing companies in nigeria

If you are here, you are most likely trying to make the most of digital marketing for your business. In this article, we will help you understand email marketing to a reasonable extent and then recommend the top email marketing companies in Nigeria to you. You can sure that by the end of this article, you will able to make headway in maximizing email marketing for your business.

We conducted a survey of the most exceptional digital marketing agencies and email marketing companies in Nigeria. They are rated based on their experience, quality of past projects as well as popularity and staff. We took the pain to do this in order to help you in building business and personal brand.

Let’s get into it.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is basically a channel of marketing that reaches out to your customers and prospects via email. All activities in your marketing strategy that involves emails is email marketing. You can use email marketing to acquire new users, to convert leads, to make existing customers aware of new products or promos or even to stay in touch with past clients.

Many people consider email marketing the most powerful marketing channel. The first obvious reason for this is because, unlike other marketing channels like social media, email marketing comes directly into the customer’s most private digital space – their mails. Another reason is because email has a larger reach, almost three times that of Facebook and Twitter. This gves you a wide playing field. Other reasons email marketing campaigns are important are higher conversions and ROI, openness and longevity.

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There are many tools nowadays that make email marketing campaigns easier to execute. Some of these include MailChimp, SenPulse, Zapier and many more.

What are email marketing companies?

Now that we understand what email marketing is, it is time to understand what email marketing companies are and what they do. We have learnt that email marketing is great and it really is. However, like most things, they have to be done by experts in order to have the maximum results. These experts have taken years to get experience in email marketing and have mastered the right tools and techniques to make any email marketing campaign a success.

Email marketing companies are teams of such experts who are willing to sell their services to you. Email marketing companies in Nigeria operate pretty much like normal digital marketing agencies. However, some of them are specialists in email marketing.

It is always a great idea to hire experts to help you out with aspects of our business you do not understand. So, to execute your business’ email marketing, it is better you hire a freelancer or a email marketing company.

The Top Email Marketing Companies in Nigeria

In choosing an email marketing company, you want to hire the best experts in order to make the most of it. From our evaluations, these are the best email marketing companies in Nigeria:

Nelson Reids

Nelson Reids prides itself as one of Nigeria’s top digital marketing companies and their email marketing services are highly rated. they have worked with some of Nigeria’s biggest brands including DAAR Communications, 1XBet, TigerEX, etc.

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Tech O’Clock

Tech O’Clock is also a digital marketing agency that has a record of excellence in email marketing. They have a reputation for being proficient and effective with everyone of their deals. Having worked on over 60 projects for big clients like GL Consults, TechOClock is an excellent choice for your business.

Super Stars Promotions Limited

Based in Alimosho, Lagos, Super Stars Promotions Limited, popularly known as SSP is a top player in digital and email marketing in Nigeria. They have worked with several businesses across different sectors including Health, Financial, Educational, Telecommunications, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural, Food, Oil & Gas, Factories, Real Estate.

Other companies that are worthy of note include:

How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Companies

Now that we know the top email marketing companies in Nigeria, it is now the time to choose the one that is right for your business. With a lot of companies around offering the same services, it is usually a tough effort to choose one. However, with these guidelines below, you should be able to choose the best for your business.

The guidelines are as follows:


You have to make sure the company you are about to hire is good at what  you want to hire them for. One thing that makes this easy to do is a portfolio. Every good email marketing company should have a portfolio page showing you their past works and successes. The portfolio often times, includes their working processes and from all these information, you can determine if they will be a good fit for you.

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Client’s Testimonies

This is very important because only the content on the agency’s website, testimonies are unbiased and are a true reflection of the agency’s abilities. It is even better when you can find the reviews of the marketing agency on independent review sites like Google Reviews. Once you see a company having poor ratings repeatedly, you already know its a no-go area.


As a business owner, you want to maximize for highest profits. You won’t be able to achieve this if you are paying exorbitant fees to your email marketing agency. This is not to say you should settle for a poor service because its cheaper but that you work within your budget.


As we mentioned earlier, tools are very important to making sure an email marketing campaign succeeds. In fact, how much an individual knows about using email marketing tools is a major indicator of how much of an email marketing expert they are. You need to inquire about the tools your prospective email marketing company uses. To hire a good email marketing firm, you need one that uses the right tools and uses it well.

Some other factors that are worthy of note include their team, their company values and availability.

Our Email Services

At Truehost Nigeria, we offer the most reliable email hosting plans in Nigeria. Our email hosting plans allow you to create custom emails that make you and your business look professional. Our emails are way better that the popular Gmail or Yahoomail services because our emails make it easy for your clients and customers to trust your business or your services.

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