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Jumia Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria: How To Join & Make Money

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 06:55 am

In this article, you will find the only guide to Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria. You will find step by step by step tutorial on how to join and then you can make money right now.

If that is what you are looking for, buckle up because it’s about to get real.

For those with no idea, affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someone else’s products and then getting paid a commission.

The commission is the compensation for you referring a sale to them.

Think of it as a way of them saying, thank you for referring clients to use.

Now, to get into affiliate marketing in Nigeria, you need three things;

  • An affiliate program – this is an arrangement that a business or an individual has made to compensate anyone referring clients to them. And not just anyone, all those who have expressed interest in their program and signed up. 
  • Product to promote – you won’t make any money without a product to promote. To solve this, you find an affiliate program like the Jumia KOL program, sign up, and then find products to promote. How?
  • Platform to promote affiliate products – you will need a place to promote your affiliate links. That is where a platform comes in. It can be a blog or on your social media accounts, whichever you choose, it should have enough people to increase the chances of them clicking and making a purchase. Remember, no clicks = no sales = no commissions.

Here, I will answer all the things you need to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Affiliate Program: Jumia KOL Program

Who is Jumia?

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Jumia Group is a company that operates a range of online marketplaces. The company was founded by Jeremy Hodara and Sacha Poignonnec in 2013.

Its headquarters are currently in the Yaba area of Lagos, Nigeria. The company initially started out as the Rocket Internet Company. 

However, the rapid growth of the company allowed it to secure strategic investors, including CDC, Goldman Sachs, Orange, MTN, and the Millicom group.

Being the leading online shopping destination not only here in Nigeria, but also in Kenya, Tunisia, among other African countries, means you can easily make money with them.

What is Jumia KOL Program?

Jumia created the KOL Program Key Opinion Leader, to allow individuals and influencers to advertise for Jumia by sharing unique tracking links that they can place on your website, social media, and when they successfully get a customer to make a purchase, Jumia rewards you with a commission up to 9% based on the final delivered orders.

In a nutshell, KOL Program is Jumia’s affiliate program that rewards those who promote their products.

Who can register?

According to Jumia’s website, the following groups can engage in Jumia Affiliate marketing in Nigeria;

a). Micro-Influencers / Creators

These are individuals with up to 5K followers on social media.

If you identify yourself as a content creator who loves to give recommendations and reviews to your loyal followers, then you can start Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

b). Mega-Influencer

Someone is considered a mega-Influencer if they have amassed over 100K followers on social media in Nigeria.

If you have huge and well-established social media followers, your posts are enough to make your followers want to purchase that item as soon as possible.

You can join Jumia KOL Program in Nigeria and earn up to 9% commission.

c). Affiliate

An affiliate is someone who has a Website or Social Media Page that allows you to operate in the fields of Cashback, Deals, Reviews, Email Marketing, Loyalty Programs, Coupons, Price Comparisons, or similar ventures.

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With that said, how does it work?

How does the Jumia affiliate program work in Nigeria?

It is straightforward actually. All you have to do is;

1). Register

Start working immediately if you are an affiliate or receive approval within a week if you are a content creator/influencer.

2). Advertise

Once approved, you can start promoting Jumia’s various campaigns and enjoy tracking links up to 7 days as well as discount codes.

3). Earn

You then get compensated for your sales with the payment method you choose at the end of every month.

How do I get started as Jumia Affiliate?

Follow these steps to start Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria by joining their KOL Program.

First, dead over to

Jumia Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Once there, the second step is to click Join Now.

The next step is to fill out a form.

how to join jumial affiliate program in nigeria

Provide your first and last name. Make sure they are as in your ID. Type your email address. Make sure it is valid since you will be required to verify it.

Next, choose a password and reconfirm.

Choose the type of your account, are you an affiliate, creator, or mega-influencer?

Provide your phone number and choose your country. Remember, the country will affect the commission threshold before you can request a withdrawal.

Lastly, provide a website address or your social media page.

Agree with terms and conditions.

I recommend you read these terms. Your earnings depend on it.

To complete the Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria registration, click Register.

From here, you will be required to verify your email. So go ahead and log into your email account and follow instructions.

Jumia Affiliate Dashboard

This is how the dashboard looks like;

Jumia Affiliate Dashboard

The first thing you need to do once logged in is to complete your profile info and account details.

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This includes;

  • Tax ID or National ID – use your ID number if you are not a company
  • Company Name/ Full Name
  • Provide your address
  • Choose a preferred payment method.

With that out of the way, you are now ready to start advertising.

The next step is to pick the products to promote.

How to choose the right products to promote

How do you pick the right product to promote on Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria?

I have one little secret that works all the time; the best selling section.

Head over to

How to choose the right products to promote

And look at their Top selling items section.

How to choose the right products to promote

Pick any product under this section and go generate a custom link.


Why waste time trying to figure out what will sell well on Jumia in Nigeria when they have already shown what is flying off their virtual shelves?

So, copy the product link;

custom links on jumia

Go back to your dashboard, and click on custom links under the Advertising tab.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

Paste the URL you copied into the highlighted area.

Jumia will add your affiliate ID into the product URL, WHICH means anyone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

So, copy that URL and start sharing.

Jumia Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

What are Jumia commission rates in Nigeria?

Here is a table showing Jumia affiliate commissions in Nigeria

CategoryBasic commissionBonusBasic commission + Bonus
Men’s clothing6.75%2.25%9.00%
Men’s shoes6.75%2.25%9.00%
Men’s accessories6.75%2.25%9.00%
Women’s clothing6.75%2.25%9.00%
Women’s shoes6.75%2.25%9.00%
Women’s accessories6.75%2.25%9.00%
Books and Stationery6.75%2.25%9.00%
Sports and Fitness3.00%1.00%4.00%
Automotive & Motorcycles3.00%1.00%4.00%
Kids and Baby3.00%1.00%4.00%
Beauty & perfumes5.25%1.75%7.00%
Events & Tickets3.50%1.50%5.00%
TVs, Audio and Video2.25%0.75%3.00%
Grocer’s shop2.25%0.75%3.00%
Games & Consoles2.25%0.75%3.00%
Cameras & Accessories2.25%0.75%3.00%
Unisex’s accessories4.00%1.00%5.00%
tablets & accessories4.00%1.00%5.00%

What you need to know about the Jumia affiliate commission bonus;

From early 2021 you ARE eligible for the Bonus only after a target conversion/order threshold is met. Further details for the 2021 commission structure to be added in the future.

How to promote your affiliate link/products in Nigeria

This is the final piece to start earning through Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

I have two strategies for you;

a). Start a blog

Now that you know what product to promote, all you have to do now is to register a domain name, get hosting, and start publishing articles.

Learn here how to start a blog in Nigeria.

b). Create a Facebook page/group

This is a free alternative but works like a charm.

Consider starting a Facebook page or group dedicated to promoting your affiliate products.

Here is a guide on how to create a Facebook group.

Wrapping up Jumia affiliate marketing in Nigeria

You are now ready to start making money online in Nigeria through Jumia.

Go yee and start now.

Don’t forget to secure your online empire by getting a domain name and hosting space affordably.

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  1. I would like to partner with Jumia by becoming an agent. That is my place of residence can become a pick of station where one can receive goods and people can contact me on their packages and delivery …
    Also, I would like to market some agricultural product where people can order through Jumia. Thanks

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