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10 Proven Tips To Market A Shopify Store in Nigeria 

Do you have a Shopify store and want to grow it? If so, this blog post is for you! We will be discussing 10 top tips on how to market a Shopify store in Nigeria.

These tips are guaranteed to help your business grow. 

Optimizing your website with conversion rate optimization strategies can really pay off over time. 

In this article, we’ll cover topics like how important SEO is when it comes to attracting customers, what social media channels are best for marketing on Shopify stores, and more. 

Read on if you’re ready to take your business from small-time entrepreneur to corporate powerhouse!

Tip #1: Blogging

In the age of social media, blogs are still a viable marketing tool! 

If you think about it: blog posts could be considered “content that lives on” – this is what gets attached to your company’s name and becomes its legacy. 

Blogs can also be great for SEO because they provide more content outside of Facebook/Instagram/etc., which means people will stay on your website longer than if there was just one page with nothing else to explore. 

Plus, blogging gives you another channel where customers can interact in return by reading and commenting on articles or leaving reviews (e.g., Amazon). 

The downside? 

It might take a little while before readers start coming back so don’t give up too quickly—especially when considering all the benefits of blogging

Tip #2: The more followers you have, the better

When it comes to Shopify marketing in Nigeria, the more followers you have, the better.

As such, find ways that will help grow your following by encouraging others who might be interested in your niche market. 

One idea would be sharing content from other blogs or websites related to yours on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. 

It won’t take much time at all but could significantly increase the number of likes/followers you get overtime!

Tip #3: Use Youtube for product demos and tutorials

When creating product demos, people want to see the detail. The more angles you can provide on your mobile phone camera, the better. 

When it comes to tutorials and how-to videos in general, keep them short but sweet: a minute or less is ideal so viewers don’t get bored.

If you are looking for an easy way of recording video from your smartphone with multiple viewpoints, try using LoopCam! 

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It is one of my favorite apps because not only does it record live HD quality video while simultaneously shooting time-lapse footage (for those who prefer that!), but also has advanced editing features like slow-motion replays and automated pans/zooms!

Tip #4: Add SEO to your Shopify store

Optimize your store for search engines so it will appear higher in organic Google results. 

Specifically, add meta tags to all of your product pages and include keywords that are relevant to the products you sell. 

Then use those keywords on social media posts or when mentioning your company name online.

Additionally, create a blog and share interesting content about goods related to ones featured in your Shopify store in Nigeria!

Tip #5: Optimize for mobile devices

This is another way to market a Shopify store in Nigeria.

A staggering 87% of consumers say that they use their mobile devices to search for local businesses. 

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on an 87% opportunity to increase traffic and sales.

Do the following to optimize for mobile:

  • Change your store’s layout so that it is mobile-friendly
  • Adjust elements in the homepage to be more legible and easier to tap on a touchscreen
  • Create a responsive design that will work across all devices, large or small. 

The result? 

A website with higher rankings for searches made from smartphones and tablets.

In addition: if you have an iPhone/Android app, make sure they link together like white puzzle pieces! 

Customers expect seamless navigation between their phone apps and site – not getting lost in the “app web”. 

This means both of these should have the same fonts, headers, button colors (in fact no buttons!), etc. The goal is for customers never to be able to tell which one they are using.

Tip #6: Use high-quality images in your marketing campaigns

To market a Shopify store in Nigeria, you need to create high-quality images so that your posts will stand out

You also need to use the right image for the post.

For example;

If you are posting about a product or service, use an actual photo of it! 

To create these photos there are some easy steps to follow. 

First, find 15 different angles of what is being photographed and then choose one best shot from among those fifteen shots. 

Next upload all other pictures as well in case anything needs editing later on. 

Last but not least be sure to include at least 12 megapixels per picture with at least 3000×3000 pixels for every screen size (use Adobe Photoshop).

This ensures that whatever video or graphic content you put into Facebook ads will get more attention because people notice higher resolution marketing.

The thing is, images are more than just pretty pictures, they represent your company’s story. 

What a potential customer sees when first visiting your store will influence their decision on whether to become one of your customers or not. 

So remember, the picture says it all – so make sure you’re using beautiful images that provide an accurate depiction of what is being sold and create an emotional connection with consumers.

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Tip #7: Include testimonials from satisfied customers

Wish to market a Shopify store in Nigeria? Ask for customer testimonials and then use them on your site! 


Because it is one of the best ways to build credibility

By adding these to product pages, you are creating a sense that other people are satisfied with what they bought from your store too – which is really good news when it comes time to convince someone else in person or online.

This establishes trustworthiness by giving potential customers reassurance that not only has this been tried before but also succeeded in delivering quality goods/services). 

It also makes visitors feel like they have an inside scoop because having more information about a company provides greater peace of mind (especially if someone is making a high-value purchase).

Tip #8: Don’t be afraid to experiment! 

A/B testing has helped companies increase conversion rates significantly over time.

A/B testing is when you try two different versions of something and compare performance to see which one does better. 

For example;

If I want to increase the number of people who sign up for my email list, then I would have a “sign me up” form on both sidebars in order to compare conversion rates. 

If after a few weeks one form has more registrations than the other – it is clear that this design had an impact on conversions. 

It might not always be what you expect but it doesn’t hurt anything either! 

The point is just to find out what works best so your company can flourish. 

Who knows? Maybe changing your logo color will make all the difference or adding song lyrics as captions to videos (crazy but possible!).

Keep in mind that A/B testing doesn’t have to be that difficult. 

At the very least you can compare two different photos of your product and then write up a post about it (include pictures). 

If one gets more likes on Instagram – go with that! 

This way you are still getting feedback even if the test is inconclusive.

And don’t forget: 

A/B tests are great for social media too, so feel free to try out new ideas like adding hashtags or using emojis in posts to see what kind of reactions they get from followers.

Tip #9: Start a referral program 

One of the best ways to grow and market a Shopify store in Nigeria is by word-of-mouth marketing.

Referral programs can be a great way to get people excited about your company, especially if you offer rewards like discounts or free products in exchange for getting referrals – but don’t stop there! 

You should also encourage them to post on social media (e.g., “Check out my new _____!”) and provide feedback so it is more personal than just receiving an email from someone who was satisfied with their purchase. 

And since this relies on other people doing the work for you, referral programs are easy because all you have to do is set up one system that works over many options—which saves time and energy when trying different strategies until something sticks!

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Tip #10: Keep up with trends and changes

When it comes to Shopify marketing in Nigeria, keeping up with trends and changes is critical.

Don’t stay stagnant! Constantly try new things and see what sticks. 

The world of social media is always evolving so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends in order for your business to grow. 

For example; 

Instagram Stories were just introduced last year but now they are one of the most popular ways people share information on their phones because there are no limits or restrictions – you can post as many stories as you want, without worrying about losing followers if someone doesn’t “like” them immediately (which happens a lot). 

If I’m running my own clothing line on Shopify in Nigeria then maybe this would be an effective way to add more variety into my feed instead of only posting pictures from different shows every season.

Or if I sell jewelry online in Nigeria on Shopify then I could make a short video showcasing new items that have just come in stock. 

This is also great for getting attention because it increases the number of content people is seeing which means more exposure

The importance of using CTAs

CTA stands for “call to action,” and it’s important on any page of your Shopify store as well as throughout this post! 

But what does that mean? 

CTA is a phrase or sentence in order to guide visitors towards taking an immediate desired action on a particular site. 

In order to make sales from our posts, we need people browsing through these tips to click through and buy something immediately. 

That is why you will see phrases like “shop now” at the end of each tip so readers know they can do just that if they’re ready to buy today! 

Get excited about clicking because the next time you read one of these posts, you’ll know to do it.

What is the best social media platform for my Shopify store?

This is a question many Shopify store owners in Nigeria ask themselves. It depends on what type of business you’re in, but for the most part, Facebook and Instagram are good places to start. 

The key thing to remember about these two platforms (other than that they have billions and millions of users respectively) is that there is an audience available at all times. 

You can’t always say this with other social media networks like LinkedIn or Twitter where people only log in when it suits them best – either because they need something researched or want to share an opinion!

Facebook: Why should I use Facebook?

A great place to start would be by joining Facebook groups related to your niche/industry which will help you connect with others who work in a similar way to you. 

You can then post articles, images, and videos relevant to your industry which will help people learn about what you do and get in touch if they need anything or want more information.

Instagram: Why should I use Instagram?

You might start on Instagram by asking followers of one company’s account (or influencers) who their favorite companies are – find these companies through hashtags related to the product type, sector, or task that interests them most. 

And always include links in posts so anyone interested can easily visit your site for more info!

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