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Top #7 Places to Buy Wholesale Phone Accessories in Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria’s bustling commercial hub, offers a fantastic market for those interested in buying phone accessories in bulk.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to restock or an individual with ambitious entrepreneurial plans, finding the right wholesale suppliers is essential for securing quality products at competitive prices.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll uncover the best places to discover reliable and affordable wholesale phone accessories in Lagos.

Lagos: A Thriving Hub for Wholesale Phone Accessories

Lagos is a prime location for wholesale phone accessories due to its massive population and the widespread use of mobile devices. The constant demand for chargers, cases, earphones, screen protectors, and various other accessories makes Lagos a dynamic marketplace where retailers and wholesalers alike can capitalize on opportunities.

Top Places to Find Wholesale Phone Accessories in Lagos

Let’s dive into the top spots where you can find the most extensive selection and unbeatable prices on wholesale phone accessories:

Computer Village, Ikeja

The heart of tech retail in Lagos, Computer Village is undoubtedly the prime destination for wholesale phone accessories. This sprawling market offers a plethora of shops and stalls specializing in various phone brands and accessories. You’ll find countless options for practically every phone model across a wide price range. While you’ll uncover fantastic deals here, always compare prices across vendors and bargain strategically.

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Alaba International Market, Ojo

Another vast marketplace, Alaba International Market is a treasure trove for wholesale deals on a diverse array of products, including phone accessories. Be prepared for an overwhelming selection, but take your time to explore the market; patience and keen comparison shopping will get you the best prices.

Trade Fair Complex, Badagry Expressway

The Trade Fair Complex hosts an abundance of wholesale and retail outlets. While not exclusively focused on phone accessories, the complex is an excellent choice to find a good selection of phone accessories alongside other merchandise.

Idumota Market, Lagos Island

This historic and sprawling marketplace is yet another contender for sourcing wholesale phone accessories in Lagos. Prepare to navigate its busy alleys in search of the best deals on phone accessories and other items.

Ideal Mobile – Phone Gadgets and Accessories

Ideal Mobile offers a variety of phone accessories and gadgets, including phone cases, bags, wireless chargers, cables, car holders, screen protectors, smartwatches, earbuds, and chargers.

They provide trendy mobile accessory bundles for iPhones, which include phone cases, ring mounts, magnetic card holders, and screen protectors.


BMG Gadgets is an online store that offers a variety of phone accessories and gadgets, including items like the Adelia Bag, NYPD, Alanya Braided Leather, Converse shoes, NLY Trend clothing, and more.

They provide a range of products such as smartwatches, earbuds, chargers, and accessories for different phone brands like Samsung.

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Additionally, BMG Gadgets is associated with a Google Business listing and a website powered by WordPress, showcasing their products and services online.

Essential Tips for Buying Wholesale Phone Accessories in Lagos

  1. Do Your Research: Prioritize researching popular phone brands and models in the Nigerian market. This knowledge will help you pinpoint the most in-demand accessories.
  2. Explore Online Marketplaces: Don’t limit yourself to physical markets. Utilize online platforms like Jumia and Konga for wholesale phone accessories in Lagos. These platforms provide the convenience of comparing prices from numerous suppliers in one place.
  3. Build Relationships: Once you’ve identified a few reliable suppliers, nurture good relationships with them. This can lead to potential benefits like access to better prices and priority on new stock.
  4. Negotiate Strategically: Bargaining is part of the culture in Lagos markets. Don’t shy away from negotiating prices for your best deal. Be confident but always maintain a respectful approach.
  5. Verify Authenticity: Take precautions against counterfeit products. Ensure you purchase accessories from reputable suppliers, and carefully examine products for signs of quality and legitimacy.
  6. Bulk Purchases: Consider pooling resources with other retailers to increase your buying power and secure even more competitive wholesale prices.

Additional Considerations

  • Factor in Shipping/Transportation Costs: When calculating your overall pricing, be sure to include any transport or shipping costs that may apply when sourcing wholesale phone accessories.
  • Consider Selling Online: Supplement your physical store or business by establishing an online presence to sell your wholesale phone accessories.

In Conclusion

Lagos presents a multitude of promising avenues for sourcing wholesale phone accessories.

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The key to success lies in careful market exploration, smart negotiation, and fostering business relationships with trusted suppliers.

With the insights from this blog post, you’re well-equipped to navigate the vibrant wholesale phone accessory market of Lagos and secure the best possible deals for your business venture!

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